7 Companies Hiring College Interns

Most of these positions are paid

Young man carrying stack of books in university library
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The spring semester has officially begun at most colleges, and along with it the rush to buy the cheapest used textbooks and cases of boxed ramen noodles. Freshman are doe-eyed no more and sophomores are beginning to consider majors. Juniors and seniors walking into upper level classes are already craving the end of the semester, when the latter will be set free to carve out their first career moves.

Regardless of their expected graduation date, all students should be thinking about beginning or advancing their careers with a summer internship. The job market is still tough, and if this next few years are anything like the last, young people who haven't spent any school time building up professional networks and real-world job skills could find themselves in a tough spot come graduation. Internships are one of the best ways for students to get their feet wet in as many industries as they're interested in a safe, short-term environment. And research shows there's a good chance the temporary position will turn into a job.

Because searching for and applying to internships is like an additional class's worth of work, AOL Jobs has put together a list of the top internship opportunities – most of which are paid – to lighten the load. Check it out below. 

1. Unum

Thanks to Unum Insurance!
FlickrUnum employees clean up the Santa Monica Pier in 2010.
Who are they? An employee benefits provider with 35 offices in cities across the country. The Chattanooga, Tenn.-based insurance company is the largest provider of disability benefits worldwide.

What they offer: Internships in marketing, finance, actuarial, business technology, sales, internal auditing, underwriting, human resources and IT

Location(s): Various

Compensation: Competitive pay and college credit

Apply for an internship at Unum.

Blackstone-Led Fidelity Information Bid May Exceed $15 Billion
Getty ImagesFIS headquarters in Jacksonville, Fl.
Who are they? A Fortune 500 company that offers payment processing and banking solutions, software and services. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fl., FIS employs over 32,000 people.

What they offer: Internships in web development, vulnerability management, technical writing and business, systems analysis and others

Location(s): Various

Compensation: Paid

Apply for an internship at FIS.

3. AT&T

CHARLOTTE, NC  - OCTOBER 25:  An AT&T employee (Left) gives a tour of the mobile telephone switching office to local officials on October 25, 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The center handles wireless AT&T traffic from the western part of North Carolina. (Photo by John W. Adkisson/Getty Images)
Getty ImagesInside the AT&T mobile switching office in Charlotte, N.C.
Who are they? The Dallas, Texas-based wireless giant AT&T is the largest provider of mobile and fixed telephone services in the country.

What they offer: Internships in human resources, network engineering, big data and others

Location(s): Various

Compensation: Unspecified

Apply for an internship at AT&T.

Earns CVS Caremark
Who are they? The CVS pharmacy chain has more than 7,500 stores in the United States, second only to Walgreens. It provides pharmacy services through its over 7,000 CVS Pharmacy and Longs Drugs stores.

What they offer: Graduate and undergraduate-level internships at the pharmacy and in IT communications, quality assurance testing, government services and others

Location(s): Various

Compensation: Competitive compensation is offered including a stipend for eligible candidates

Apply for an internship at CVS Caremark.

Northrop-Grumman hosts luncheon for VMAQ-4
FlickrNorthrop Grumman hosts luncheon for the aerospace systems sector.
Who are they? The electronic systems company designs, develops and manufactures advanced defense electronics and systems. The company was created after Northrop Grumman's acquired Westinghouse Electronic Systems Group in 1996.

What they offer: Internships in hardware, software, mechanical and systems engineering, business development, communications and others

Location(s): Illinois, Maryland, California and Colorado

Compensation: Not specified

Note: NGES specifies that applicants should only apply to one internship

Apply for an internship at Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems.

Tires Plus/FacebookInterns participating in a cleanup at East Branch Park Forest Preserve and St. James Farm as part of Bridgestone's "One Team, One Planet" program.
Who are they? Tires Plus offers products for the whole gamut of automobiles, from compacts cars to SUV's. Along with Firestone Complete Auto Care, Tires Plus is owned by Bridgestone Retail Operations. And in sum, Bridgestone is the world's largest chain of company-owned auto care centers.

What they offer: Sales and management internships

Location(s): Gainsville, Fla.

Compensation: Paid

Apply for an internship at Tires Plus.

New Arrivals October 2012:  ACT Assessment Plus Writing Test
FlickrACT prep book.
Who are they? Originally abbreviated from American College Testing, ACT Inc. produces paper-based colleges assessment test akin to the SAT Reasoning Test. It offers tests in English, mathematics, reading, science, writing.

What they offer: Internships in user engagement, policy research, operations analysis, graphic design, business development and marketing and others

Location(s): Iowa and Georgia

Compensation: $6,750.00 total for nine-week positions

Apply for an internship at ACT Inc.

Top health care jobs for 2014

By Jason Lovelace, 

Health care has consistently been a bright spot in today's recovering economy, and 2014 looks to be even brighter. Several factors will serve as boons for health care: Industry standards are changing as the Affordable Care Act comes into effect, emerging technologies will grow more common in health care facilities, and the economy is slated to continue growing. Perhaps most significantly, the aging baby boomer generation will continue to require care, which will affect the number of workers in the field. All of these elements will help one of the labor market's strongest sectors welcome more workers in 2014.

CareerBuilder and MiracleWorkers.com -- its job site for workers in a range of health care disciplines and experience levels -- compiled the 10 best occupations in the industry for 2014. With increased access to services and an aging population, demand for health care labor will continue to grow this year, which is good news for job seekers in the industry. The best-paying, fastest-growing jobs are often found in allied health occupations, but nursing and certain specialty areas are expected to post strong job numbers as well.
The list was based on occupations that grew 6 percent or more from 2010 to 2013, are projected to add jobs in 2014, have at least 30,000 total jobs and fall within a higher-wage category of $22 per hour or more.

1. Diagnostic medical sonographer
Total employment in 2013: 60,273
Added 5,672 jobs from 2010-2013, up 10 percent
Median hourly earnings: $31.77
2. Medical scientist (excluding epidemiologist)
Total employment in 2013: 100,742
Added 9,076 jobs from 2010-2013, up 10 percent
Median hourly earnings: $37.09
3. Physical therapist assistant
Total employment in 2013: 72,445
Added 6,388 jobs from 2010-2013, up 10 percent
Median hourly earnings: $25.08
4. Nurse anesthetist
Total employment in 2013: 36,179
Added 3,010 jobs from 2010-2013, up 9 percent
Median hourly earnings: $71.43
5. Marriage and family therapist
Total employment in 2013: 42,238
Added 3,056 jobs from 2010-2013, up 8 percent
Median hourly earnings: $22.40
6. Physical therapist
Total employment in 2013: 208,096
Added 14,975 jobs from 2010-2013, up 8 percent
Median hourly earnings: $37.96
7. Nurse practitioner
Total employment in 2013: 110,545
Added 7,832 jobs from 2010-2013, up 8 percent
Median hourly earnings: $43.26
8. Health educator
Total employment in 2013: 58,626
Added 3,599 jobs from 2010-2013, up 7 percent
Median hourly earnings: $23.46
9. Occupational therapist
Total employment in 2013: 113,478
Added 6,368 jobs from 2010-2013, up 6 percent
Median hourly earnings: $36.27
10. Respiratory therapist
Total employment in 2013: 120,082
Added 6,728 jobs from 2010-2013, up 6 percent
Median hourly earnings: $26.86

Technology and education changing the industry
Many of these jobs are seeing growth due to more widely available technologies, which enable more facilities to offer new services and hire more workers, accordingly. Similarly, as the Affordable Care Act continues to roll out, these new national health care options will result in more patients with health care providers, and these employers will need to meet the demand.
The addition of these new roles and evolving technology will also result in an emphasis on education and research roles, such as medical scientist or health educator. These rising roles focus on making new advancements in health care and sharing proven care information with the public.
For job seekers who want to be part of a growing field, develop some of today's most sought-after skills and gain experience with the latest technology, health care could be the path to follow. As the economy continues to strengthen and 2014 gets underway, the health care industry will continue to be an important part of job creation and employing in-demand skilled workers.

7 great jobs for college students

By Jon Fortenbury, 

When it comes to good jobs, college students are sometimes stuck in the middle.
While they’re not quite qualified for many jobs that require a degree, students are typically smart enough to snag a number of other excellent positions. But given busy school schedules, the jobs must be flexible and part-time. That limits options. Thankfully, there are a number of great part-time, flexible gigs out there.
Worker behind counter in restaurant

Here are some ideas for college students looking to work while at school.

1. Make others smart: Some colleges and universities have tutoring centers where students can find work as tutors. This not only looks good on a résumé, since you get to show expertise in a subject, but it’s also flexible and may offer a good hourly wage. If you don’t live near a campus and are an online student, look into tutoring from home via Tutor.com. Another option, if you want to help high school students prepare for the SAT, is tutoring for Kaplan.
2. Keep an eye on kids: Babysitting or nannying can be great for college students, since the hours can be flexible and the pay can be decent. Look into signing up on Care.com, a website where parents can look for babysitters. Or just ask around school. Professors and grad students are prime candidates for babysitting help.
3. Give them a jolt: Working at a coffee shop as a barista can actually be fun. You get to become friends with the regulars, enjoy a schedule that works around your classes and probably score some free coffee. Plus, if you work somewhere like Starbucks you may qualify for benefits as a part-time employee. Plus, you never know who you’ll meet in a coffee shop: perhaps someone who will hire you after college.
4. Freelance writer: Got a knack for writing? Then get paid to do it. You can either run your own blog, (using a pay-per-click platform like Google AdSense, which pays when people click on advertisements) or freelance for a company writing articles, press releases, blogs or other copy. For the latter, you may find gigs at networking events, on Craigslist or on freelance job sites. The pay varies, but you often work whenever you want. This option could be perfect for journalism and English majors looking to gain relevant experience.
5. Know it all: Working for ChaCha, a company that gives real-time answers to questions people text or ask online, could be an interesting student gig. You can either become a guide, earning between 1 and 20 cents per answered question, or a transcriber (3 cents per task), who interprets muffled questions or transcribes phone questions into text. Questions can range from the practical to the absurd. The money can add up fast and you work whenever you want. In other words, it’s a viable job for a college student.
6. Table service: Don’t let the movie “Waiting” dissuade you: Waiting tables can be an excellent job that works around your school schedule. Plus, don’t forget about the tips. Some waiters can really rake in the dough, which could come in handy if you want to pay off some of those student loans you’re taking out before you graduate. To excel in this role, you need to have excellent customer service skills and be quick on your feet.
7. Campus tour guide: If you’re an on-campus student, look into becoming a tour guide. According to U.S. News & World Report, “By showing prospective students, their families and alumni around university grounds, you’ll no doubt improve your speaking and presentation skills.” Build your résumé, build some skills and enjoy a fun, flexible job. Plus, you get to learn lots of cool facts about your school.
There are several fields that have great positions for college students. If you choose to work while in school, then landing one of these gigs can enhance your college experience. Plus, your wallet surely won’t regret it.

20 Best Jobs Of The Future

In demand, well-paying careers

Nursing Shortage
APThe health-care sector is projected to quickly grow over the next many years, and there will be a huge need for registered nurses to take care of our aging population.

By Andy Kiersz

Want a job that pays well and will have plenty of openings in the next decade? Consider one of these occupations.

Business Insider compiled a ranking of the best jobs of the future based on how well they pay and how much they are projected to grow in the coming years.

We took the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' projections for the number of new jobs created between 2012 and 2022 and the 2012 median annual wage for each occupation and ranked them based on a combination (the geometric mean) of the two figures.

To focus this list on higher-quality jobs, we ranked only occupations with median wages higher than the 2012 median wage for all workers, which is $34,750. We used the total number of new jobs projected by 2022 rather than the percent rate of growth for the occupations, since some specialized occupations are expected to see steep growth but will provide a relatively tiny amount of job openings.

20. Construction Managers

Rangers Ballpark Renovation Baseball
78,200 predicted job openings by 2022

$82,790 median annual wage in 2012

What they do: Organize, plan, and supervise construction projects.

Typical Educational Requirements: Bachelor's degree

Why they're thriving
: Managers of all kinds tend to have higher wages than those they supervise, and the BLS notes that managers make the highest median salary of any of the large occupational groups it studies. The construction sector was hit especially hard in the Great Recession. However, the BLS projects that over the next decade, construction employment will finally begin to return to pre-recession levels, allowing for impressive growth in the coming years.

Find a job now as a construction manager.

19. Medical and Health Services Managers

73,300 predicted job openings by 2022

$88,580 median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Plan, direct, or coordinate medical and health services in hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations, public health agencies, or similar organizations.

Typical Educational Requirements: Bachelor's degree

Why They're Thriving: As with construction managers, managerial positions tend to do well financially. The BLS projects that, as Baby Boomers get older, and as Obamacare's reforms dramatically change the health insurance market, employment in the health-care sector is primed to take off in the near future.

Find a job now as a health service manager.

18. Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing

An Avon Products Inc. Recruiting Event
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132,000 predicted job openings by 2022

$54,230 median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Sell goods for wholesalers or manufacturers to businesses or groups of individuals.

Typical Educational Requirements: Bachelor's degree

Why They're Thriving: Salespeople are needed in almost every industry. Any company that makes or sells something will need sales representatives, meaning this already large occupation will continue to grow.

Find a job now as a wholesale or manufacturing sales representative.

17. Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks

Бухгалтер / Accountant
204,600 predicted job openings by 2022

$35,170 median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Obtain and use numerical data to complete financial records and maintain accounting records.

Typical Educational Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent

Why They're Thriving: As with sales representatives, most organizations need people keeping track of the money coming in and going out, resulting in a steady demand for good bookkeepers.

Find a job now as a bookkeeping, accounting or auditing clerk.

16. Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers

YRC Gets Bondholder Support for Swap
Getty Images
192,600 predicted job openings by 2022

$38,200 median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Drive the vehicles that carry pretty much everything we consume.

Typical Educational Requirements: Post-secondary non-degree

Why They're Thriving: As the economy continues to recover from the recession, there will simply be a lot more stuff to move around. That means there will also be an increased need for people to move that stuff.

Find a job now as a tractor-trailer truck driver.

15. Licensed Practical and Vocational Nurses

APTOPIX Flu Season
182,900 predicted job openings by 2022

$41,540 median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Assist doctors and registered nurses and provide basic medical care to patients.

Typical Educational Requirements: Post-secondary non-degree

Why They're Thriving: Because of changing demographics in America and changes to how health insurance works, health care is going to be a quickly growing sector over the next few decades. Unlike registered nurses, who typically have an Associate's or Bachelor's degree in nursing, licensed practical nurses tend to only need about 12 to 14 months of post-high-school education.

Find a job now as a licensed practical or vocational nurse.

14. First-line Supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers

Husky Stadium
128,300 predicted job openings by 2022

$59,700 median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Directly supervise and coordinate activities of construction or extraction workers.

Typical Educational Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent

Why They're Thriving: As the construction sector begins to fully recover from the recession, job openings in these occupations are expected to increase.

Find a job now as a first-line supervisor in construction.

13. Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

Citic to Buy Credit AgricoleÕs CLSA Unit for $1.25 Billion
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131,500 predicted job openings by 2022

$60,300 median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Research market conditions to help guide sales and marketing decisions.

Typical Educational Requirements: Bachelor's degree

Why They're Thriving: Most organizations need to understand the market they work in. Like sales representatives and bookkeeping clerks, firms in any industry will need market researchers to help get those insights.

Find a job now as a market research analyst or marketing specialist.

12. Software Systems Developers

Getty Images
82,800 predicted job openings by 2022

$99,000 median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Develop high-level software systems in a variety of industries.

Typical Educational Requirements: Bachelor's degree

Why They're Thriving: The BLS projects that technology will continue to be a lucrative and growing sector over the next few years, and there will be strong demand for people who can write the basic software that technology depends on.

Find a job now as a software systems developer.

11. First-Line Supervisors of Office and Administrative Support Workers

Brazil Carnival Dancer
171,500 predicted job openings by 2022

$49,330 median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Directly supervise and coordinate the activities of clerical and administrative support workers.

Typical Educational Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent

Why They're Thriving: As companies launch and grow, they will need clerical workers, as well as supervisors that manage them.

Find a job now as a first-line supervisor of office and administrative workers.

10. Lawyers

Getty Images
74,800 predicted job openings by 2022

$113,500 median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Represent clients in various types of legal proceedings and write legal documents.

Typical Educational Requirements: Professional degree

Why They're Thriving: There has been a shift in the legal field to using more paralegals and legal assistants to do basic work. Despite this, as the economy continues to improve and overall business picks up, there will also be increasing demand for highly paid, credentialed lawyers.

Find a job now as a lawyer.

9. Carpenters

A carpenter installing roof trusses
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218,200 predicted job openings by 2022

$39,940 median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Construct houses, other structures, and various frames and fixtures out of wood.

Typical Educational Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent

Why They're Thriving: This is another entry on the list that is heavily tied to the construction industry, which is projected to expand rapidly over the next few years as it climbs out of the depths of the recession.

Find a job now as a carpenter.

8. Elementary School Teachers

Children (8-9) raising hands in classroom
Getty Images
167,900 predicted job openings by 2022

median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Teach children foundational skills and concepts.

Typical Educational Requirements: Bachelor's degree

Why They're Thriving: As the U.S. population continues to grow, more teachers will be needed to educate children.

Find a job now as an elementary school teacher.

7. Computer Systems Analysts

Trading Operations At the Mexican Stock Exchange
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127,700 predicted job openings by 2022

$79,680 median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Analyze and improve information systems.

Typical Educational Requirements: Bachelor's degree

Why They're Thriving: Like construction and health care, computer technology is a field projected to continue growing at a good rate for the foreseeable future.

Find a job as a computer systems analyst.

6. Management Analysts

Multi-ethnic businesspeople having meeting
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133,800 predicted job openings by 2022

$78,600 median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Study and evaluate organizations, and develop techniques and plans to improve efficiency.

Typical Educational Requirements: Bachelor's degree

Why They're Thriving: Companies are always trying to maximize their productivity, and there will likely continue to be a high demand for specialists who can guide them.

Find a job now as a management analyst.

5. Accountants and Auditors

166,700 predicted job openings by 2022

$63,550 median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Analyze financial records and ensure compliance with financial requirements and standards.

Typical Educational Requirements: Bachelor's degree

Why They're Thriving: In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the government responded with new financial regulations. An army of accountants will be needed to meet the new standards.

FInd a job now as an accountant or auditor.

4. Specialist Physicians and Surgeons

Myanmar Gift of Sight
65,300 predicted job openings by 2022

At least $187,200 median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Provide specialized medical care for patients. Some examples of specialist physicians include allergists, dermatologists, and neurologists.

Typical Educational Requirements: Doctoral or professional degree

Why They're Thriving: As we have seen, the medical sector is poised to continue its rapid growth in the next few years. Further, specialist doctors tend to do quite well for themselves - the median income for these physicians falls in the highest part of the BLS range.

Find a job now as a physician or surgeon.

3. Software Applications Developers

Rackspace's San Francisco Outpost Fights For Dot-Com Talent
Getty Images
139,900 predicted job openings by 2022

$90,060 median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Design and develop software for clients and users.

Typical Educational Requirements: Bachelor's degree

Why They're Thriving: Application developers are similar to software systems developers, but they are more focused on the needs of users rather than on the back-end parts of computer systems. As with other computer-centered occupations, applications developers will benefit from the ongoing tech boom.

Find a job now as a software applications developer.

2. General and Operations Managers

Sales manager Mike Halcomb at Inskeeps Ford Mercury checks i
Getty Images
244,100 predicted job openings by 2022

$95,440 median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Direct and coordinate the operations and staff of organizations.

Typical Educational Requirements: Bachelor's degree

Why They're Thriving: Operations managers are another set of workers needed in almost every industry. As the economy continues to grow, organizations will need these employees to keep things running smoothly.

Find a job now as a general or operations manager.

1. Registered Nurses

Getty Images
526,800 predicted job openings by 2022

$65,470 median annual wage in 2012

What They Do: Assess patients' needs and provide care to patients.

Typical Educational Requirements: Associate's degree

Why They're Thriving: Once again, the health-care sector is projected to quickly grow over the next many years, and there will be a huge need for registered nurses to take care of our aging population.

Find a job now as a registered nurse. 

The top jobs in finance for 2014

By Susan Ricker

top finance jobsA recovering economy doesn’t mean that all areas of hiring are slow. In fact, hiring in financial services occupations is likely to pick up in 2014, according to a new survey from CareerBuilder and MoneyJobs.com — its job site for finance and accounting professionals.
As businesses continue to regrow and establish more savvy ways to operate, they require smart financial minds to bring their business back. From financial analysts to accountants to credit counselors, there are a variety of ways that finances need to be monitored and moved, and workers are needed to fill these roles.

Hiring is up in financial services
While other areas in the economy continue to slowly regrow, financial services occupations are needed by all industries for their expertise in budgets, finances and spending. And there’s high demand for their help. In a nationwide survey of financial services hiring managers and human resources professionals, 35 percent of financial services employers are increasing full-time headcount this year compared to 2013 — 11 points above the national average and up from 27 percent in 2013.
“Job growth in financial services is expected to outpace job growth for all occupations in 2014,” said Kevin Knapp, chief financial officer for CareerBuilder. “This is good news for jobseekers in the sector, whose skills will be in-demand across a range of businesses and occupations that typically offer highly-competitive wages.”

Top financial services jobs for 2014
The following list of financial services occupations each grew at least 5 percent from 2010-2013 and are projected to grow faster than average growth for all jobs in 2014.

1. Credit analyst
  • Total employment in 2013: 63,449
  • Added 4,973 jobs from 2010-2013, up 9 percent
  • Median hourly earnings: $29.36
2. Financial analyst
  • Total employment in 2013: 257,055
  • Added 16,956  jobs from 2010-2013, up 7 percent
  • Median hourly earnings: $36.82
3. Actuary
  • Total employment in 2013: 22,586
  • Added 1,369 jobs from 2010-2013, up 6 percent
  • Median hourly earnings: $45.04
4. Personal financial advisor
  • Total employment in 2013: 227,974
  • Added 12,417  jobs from 2010-2013, up 6 percent
  • Median hourly earnings: $32.11
5. Credit counselor
  • Total employment in 2013: 28,579
  • Added 1,521 jobs from 2010-2013, up 5 percent
  • Median hourly earnings: $18.96
6. Financial examiner
  • Total employment in 2013: 30,117
  • Added 1,568 jobs from 2010-2013, up 5 percent
  • Median hourly earnings: $36.44
7. Accountant/auditor
  • Total employment in 2013: 1,311,816
  • Added 67,614  jobs from 2010-2013, up 5 percent
  • Median hourly earnings: $30.21
How to join the field
If you’re considering joining the financial services industry, or are angling for a new position, it’s good to know the field’s standards. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most finance jobs typically require a bachelor’s degree in a finance-related subject, like accounting, finance or economics.

Many workers also have certifications or licenses from industry-specific authorities, like the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the main licensing organization for the securities industry. It requires licenses for many financial analyst positions. According to the BLS, “Most of the licenses require sponsorship by an employer, so companies do not expect individuals to have these licenses before starting a job.”
For instance, for financial analysts, the BLS says, “Certification is often recommended by employers and can improve the chances for advancement. An example is the Chartered Financial Analyst certification from the CFA Institute, which financial analysts can get if they have a bachelor’s degree, fours years of experience and pass three exams. Financial analysts can also become certified in their field of specialty.”
For more finance-focused roles, check out MoneyJobs.com, which connects employers to the top talent in the financial services industry. Users can post resumes, sign up for automatic job alerts, and tap into advice on everything from writing résumés to on-the-job success. MoneyJobs is a division of CareerBuilder.

Best Companies to Work For In 2014

Google grabs the top slot yet again on Fortune list

By AOL Jobs Staff

In its 17th year, Fortune's highly anticipated list of best workplaces in the country presents a valuable resource for job seekers who are looking for more than just a paycheck. With the help of The Great Place To Work Institute, Fortune surveyed 252,000 employees at 257 firms to rank the companies based on management's credibility, job satisfaction and camaraderie. (Learn more about the selection process here.)

Some of the companies offer great (and sometimes unusual) benefits, including healthcare, work-life balance opportunities and even bicycles and fitness incentives. What's more, almost every company is hiring!

1. Google

Google offeres Employees Free Bicycles
Getty ImagesA Google employee rides his new Google branded bicycle in London, England.
Previous Rank: 1
Annual Revenue ($ millions): $50,175
Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

Why Google is so great: The tech giant keeps its employees happy by offering them unusual perks that range from free bikes to death benefits (a guarantee that if an employee should die, his or her spouse will receive half of the deceased worker's salary for ten years). Google's stock price rose above $1000 in 2013, a boon for Googlers, who are all stockholders, as CNNMoney reported.

Employee Review: "Free 24:7 gym access (on MTV campus). Free (self service) laundry (washer/dryer) available. Bowling alley. Volley ball pit. Custom-built and exclusive employee use only outdoor sport park (MTV). Free health/fitness assessments. Dog-friendly. Etc. etc. etc."*

Find a job at Google.

2. SAS

APChief Executive Mats Jansson speaks during a news conference at the SAS headquarters in Stockholm.
Previous Rank: 2
Annual Revenue ($ millions): $2,870
Headquarters: Cary, NC

Why SAS is so great: Work-life balance is a priority at the software developer. Its onsite health center is open to employees and their family members, and 95 percent of the company's workers said it's easy for them to take time off to take care of family members, according to CBS News.

Employee Review: "Sound company. Best soft benefits are when you work at the main "campus" (HQ) in Cary NC."*

Find a job at SAS.

cnn/made in africa
FlickrCEO and president Rich Lesser at the World Economic Forum on Africa 2013.
Previous Rank: 4
Annual Revenue ($ millions): $3,700
Headquarters: Boston, MA

Why The Boston Consulting Group is so great: The global management consulting firm is a top employer of graduates from MIT, Harvard Business School, Cambridge University and others. In 2012, newly recruited grads received total compensation packages of up to $195,000. Working Mother magazine has rated the company as one of the best companies for working mothers.

Employee Review: "Working at BCG provided me with the opportunity to work with some of the smartest, most talented people I have ever come across. Between the high-level, interesting problems and the top-tier clients, BCG is a fantastic place to work."*

Edward Jones Investments, aka Star Inc.
FlickrAn Edward Jones Investments location that was nominated for the 2008 Lorain County Beautiful Award in Ohio.
Previous Rank: 8
Annual Revenue ($ millions): $5,027
Headquarters: St. Louis, MO

Why Edward Jones is so great: Turnover at the financial services firm is at an industry low of 8 percent, reported CNNMoney. J.D. Power and Associates has named the company "Highest in Investor Satisfaction" for eight years, most recently in 2013.

Employee Review: "After finishing my first year at Edward Jones, I truly feel like this is the best company to work for. My pay was tremendously higher than I thought it was going to be in the first year. I love the fact that you have your own BOA, set your own hours, and win diversification trips by the hard work you do."*

Find a job at Edward Jones.

APAn employee works while standing on his desk at the Quicken Loans corporate campus in Livonia, Mich.
Previous Rank: 13
Annual Revenue ($ millions): N.A.
Headquarters: Detroit, MI

Why Quicken Loans is so great: In 2013, Quicken became the largest mortgage lender in the United States. It was already the largest national online mortgage lender. Its workforce fell in the years that immediately followed the financial crisis, but the company has amassed a staff of 10,000 since it moved its headquarters to Detroit in 2010.

Employee Review: "Amazing culture. You will make friends. The company REALLY cares about contributing to Detroit."*

Find a job at Quicken Loans.

Switzerland Roche Genentech
APGenentech researcher Mark Nagel works on an experiment in a research laboratory at Genentech headquarters in South San Francisco, Calif.
Previous Rank: 36
Annual Revenue ($ millions): $14,778
Headquarters: South San Fransisco, CA

Why Genetech is so great: The biotech giant offers generous time off to its employees. The company provides a leave of absence for "a number of circumstances, including family care, maternity leave and medical conditions" and a full paid sabbatical every six years. Genentech has been on Fortune's best 100 companies list for 16 consecutive years.

Employee Review: "Advancement opportunity, they listen to employees, paid sabbatical every six years."*

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APCEO Marc Benioff at the end of New York Stock Exchange trading at a rally in downtown San Francisco as Salesforce.com workers and supporters throw beach balls in the air.
Previous Rank: 19
Annual Revenue ($ millions): $3,050
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Why Salesforce.com is so great: The cloud computing innovator added 1,264 new hires in 2013, doubling its workforce from 5,000 to 10,000, reported CNNMoney. When he started the company, CEO Marc Benioff created the Salesforce Foundation, to which he pledged to "donate 1% of salesforce.com equity, 1% of his employees' time, and 1% of his product to improving communities around the world," according to the company website.

Employee Review: "Colleagues are not just intelligent and insightful, they are generally genuinely nice. It seems to be part of the culture there, at least in the division I was in. Virtually everyone seemed happy in their work and satisfied with how they were treated by the company."*

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8. Intuit

Intuit CEO Brad Smith Interview
Getty ImagesIntuit CEO Brad Smith.
Previous Rank: 22
Annual Revenue ($ millions): $4,150
Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

Why Intuit is so great: The software company offers its 8,500 employees benefits including up to $650 a year for gym membership, swimming lessons, basketball-league fees and Pilates classes, reported CNNMoney. Intuit has ranked among the "World's Most Admired Companies," another Fortune list.

Employee Review: "One of the best companies in Silicon Valley both from a Work Life balance and in tune with the technology perspective."*

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9. Robert W. Baird & Co.

Mark Dicanio (C) of Robert W. Baird & Co
Getty ImagesRobert W. Baird & Co. trader Mark Dicanio writes an order just before the opening bell on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, in New York.
Previous Rank: 14
Annual Revenue ($ millions): $961
Headquarters: Milwaukee, WI

Why Robert W. Baird & Co. is so great: The subsidiary of Baird, an international, employee-owned financial services firm has 2,600 employees, 13 percent of whom have been at the company for over 15 years, according to CNNMoney. The company also caps its hourly associates' workweek at 37 ½ hours and leads several philanthropic initiatives.

Employee Review: "Hidden gem; a positive culture that is unique on Wall Street."*

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DPR Construction/FacebookDPR Construction employees.
Previous Rank: 15
Annual Revenue ($ millions): $2,544
Headquarters: Redwood, CA

Why DPR Construction is so great: The employee-owned construction contractor has an exhaustive list of clients that include Facebook, Pixar and AT&T. Workers gave CEO Doug Woods a 100% approval rating on Glassdoor.

Employee Review: "Fantastic co workers, great PTO/vacation policy compared to the remainder of the industry, good pay, and freedom/resources available to always look for a better way to do something!"*

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Company Name

No. of U.S.

Job Growth

11 Camden Property Trust 1,784 -6.2%
12 Wegmans Food Markets 43,564 3.3%
13 David Weekley Homes 1,052 32.5%
14 Burns & McDonnell 3,817 6.8%
15 Hilcorp 1,106 9.3%
16 CHG Healthcare Services 1,599 16.3%
17 USAA 25,143 8.4%
18 Southern Ohio Medical Center 2,401 4.8%
19 Baptist Health South Florida 13,818 -1.7%
20 Ultimate Software 1,717 18.7%
21 Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants 8,135 9.9%
22 W.L. Gore & Associates 6,314 1.2%
23 Plante Moran 1,870 18.3%
24 Scripps Health 12,779 4.7%
25 Atlantic Health System 8,510 0.8%
26 NuStar Energy 1,257 -16.1%
27 ARI, Automotive Resources International 1,411 10.4%
28 The Container Store 4,089 7.9%
29 Rackspace Hosting 4,107 16.1%
30 St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 3,759 2.6%
31 Baker Donelson 1,247 1.8%
32 Qualcomm 17,731 16.3%
33 NetApp 8,012 6.6%
34 World Wide Technology 2,060 14.3%
35 OhioHealth 15,266 4.2%
36 Nugget Market 1,151 6.8%
37 JM Family Enterprises 3,678 -1.5%
38 Zappos.com 1,421 13.4%
39 WellStar Health System 11,347 3.6%
40 Alston & Bird 1,628 -1.2%
41 Perkins Cole 1,999 4.2%
42 Stryker 11,068 3.5%
43 Children's Healthcare of Atlanta 6,758 -1%
44 Whole Foods Market 71,930 15.4%
45 Goldman Sachs Group 13,629 2.3%
46 Houston Methodist 13,711 6%
47 Allianz Life Insurance Co. of North America 1,647 -7%
48 QuikTrip 14,002 6.9%
49 TEKSystems 3,476 10%
50 FactSet Research Systems 1,862 0.3%
51 Chesapeake Energy 11,779 12%
52 Credit Acceptance 1,304 11.5%
53 Mayo Clinic 44,297 1.1%
54 CarMax 18,106 12%
55 Cisco 36,437 0.6%
56 Devon Energy 3,582 1.7%
57 Marriott International 107,184 7%
58 Aflac 4,758 5.2%
59 PCL Construction Enterprises 1,434 10.6%
60 Bingham McCutchen LLP 1,286 -5.8%
61 Deloitte 45,928 6.3%
62 Meridian Health 9,977 4.7%
63 Build-A-Bear Workshop 3,330 -2.1%
64 General Mills 16,101 -3.7%
65 PricewaterhouseCoopers 36,164 5.7%
66 National Instruments 3,227 6.5%
67 American Express 26,812 -0.5%
68 Roche Diagnostics 4,125 -2.5%
69 Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) 10,389 -3.2%
70 Autodesk 3,116 -0.1%
71 Umpqua Bank 2,397 1.6%
72 Novo Nordisk 5,143 26.8%
73 Kimley-Horn and Associates 1,745 10.6%
74 Darden Restaurants 192,023 -1.9%
75 Publix SuperMarkets 157,592 1.9%
76 Mars 11,468 4.3%
77 Bright Horizons Family Solutions 15,362 1.8%
78 Ernst & Young 29,391 9.1%
79 Discovery Communications 2,895 -2.2%
80 KPMG 21,609 -0.5%
81 Arnold & Porter 1,385 -0.2%
82 TDIndustries 1,785 7.5%
83 Adobe Systems 5,802 6.3%
84 Intel 49,833 3%
85 Capital One 40,252 11.9%
86 Microsoft 57,642 3.7%
87 Sheetz 13,992 7.7%
88 Teach For America 2,027 21.7%
89 Nordstrom 60,003 -3.5%
90 Accenture 36,590 11.1%
91 Four Seasons Hotels 12,648 -0.6%
92 The Cheesecake Factory 33,618 0.6%
93 Hyland Software 1,660 25.2%
94 Mercedes-Benz USA 1,853 3.9%
95 Hyatt Hotels 36,638 -2.9%
96 Navy Federal Credit Union 9,735 15%
97 EOG Resources 2,376 4.9%
98 Hitachi Data Systems 2,395 8%
99 Kiewit Corporation 20,989 -1.1%
100 Cooley 1,513 5.5%


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