18 Awesome Career Choices Most College Kids Would Never Think Of

Some of the most interesting careers come in under the radar

Air traffic controller


Average annual salary: $118,780
"After school and training it pays an average of 100k a year, but there is an age limit to get accepted." —Kate1320
"My father is an ATC at Pearson. 200k a year with brilliant benefits. He provided a great quality of life for my family." —1stOnRT1
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Court stenographer


Average annual salary: $55,000
"It's a three-year program (on average — took me four to finish), but if you're proficient in grammar, have strong language skills, have solid finger dexterity from playing an instrument or video games, and are able to work independently, it's an incredible career.
"You work from home most of the time, lawyers very rarely schedule depositions before 10:00 am, you can make your own schedule, and the pay is great. Your pay reflects how hard you want to work and the jobs you're getting, but I made 65k my first year and nearly 80k my second." —Bad_Karma21
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Dental hygienist


Average annual salary: $71,970
"I'm starting dental hygiene school in the fall and I would have never looked into it while in college. It's only after I graduated and realized that I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do that I started seriously doing some research. Most dental hygiene programs only require a certain amount of prerequisite courses and a standardized test score for admission. Most are also bachelors degree programs as well, so mom and dad are pleased and you're spending the minimal amount of time you would earning a traditional university/college degree. Plus, salary starts at 50-60k a year with ridiculous benefits, at least in my area. Dentists treat their hygienists well!" —WinnifredBurkle
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Industrial design


Average annual salary: $67,030
"As a career, industrial design is a great fusion of art and engineering. The problems are challenging, the work is varied and creative, and design consultancies have some of the best work environments and cultures you could ask for. And at the core of it all, you're tasked with answering the question, 'What sort of future do we want to live in?' Design is so much more than making things shiny." —Grizzleyt
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