2015's Fastest-Growing Temp Jobs

Home health aides, computer system analysts to see growth

CareerBuilder split the fastest-growing temp jobs into two divisions, ones that pay $15/hr or more, and ones that pay less than $15/hr.

For jobs that pay less than $15/hr, home health aides have the most predicted growth, from 17,822 temp jobs in 2014 to an expected 20,420 temp jobs in 2019. Home health aides are followed by childcare workers, gaming dealers, restaurant cooks, substitute teachers, demonstrators and product promoters, retail salespersons, and landscape/groundskeeping workers. All are predicted to have 14 percent growth over the next five years.

As for the fastest-growing temp jobs that pay $15/hr or more, computer system analysts come in first, with 11,802 temp jobs in 2014, and a predicted 14,024 temp jobs in 2019. Computer system analysts make a median hourly earning of $39.15, almost $40/hr. They are followed by accountants and auditors, management analysts, computer user support specialists, application software developers, customer service representatives, heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers, registered nurses, and maintenance/repair workers. All are predicted to experience 14 percent growth over the next five years. 

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