The Top 20 Most Promising American Companies of 2015

Instacart, Suja Juice, and AdBoom Group top Forbes' annual list

A grocery delivery service, a juice press, and an ad sales firm top Forbes' annual list of America's Most Promising Companies. Could one of these rising businesses be the next billion-dollar company?

To qualify for Forbes' top 20 list, companies must be private and generate under $300 million annually. When ranking, Forbes considers criteria like revenue growth, growth rates, growth in employee numbers, operating margins, capital raised, product ideas, management and other factors.

So if you're looking for a great place to work this year, take a look at the following companies. Get hired by these companies early on and you might just be lucky enough to ride with them all the way to the top.

1. Instacart


Revenue: $100M
Industry: Services
> Find a job at Instacart

2. Suja Juice


Revenue: $42M
Industry: Beverages
> Find a job at Suja Juice

3. Adboom Group


Revenue: $105M
Industry: IT software and services
> Find a job at Adboom Group

4. Precision Frac


Revenue: $36M
Industry: Capital Goods
> Find a job at Precision Frac

5. Carvana


Revenue: $45M
Industry: Services
> Find a job at Carvana

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