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Umpire Crew

Going to a ball game is about so much more than watching the game live. Instead of sitting in your living room, you’re in the company of thousands of fellow fans and can buy an assortment of foods on sticks or in buckets, watch warm-ups and get to participate in the games and commentary that take place between plays. While all of these extras make for an exciting atmosphere, they also make for economic stimulation and create quite a number of jobs, meaning that everybody wins.
CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl (EMSI) took a look at post-recession job growth in the six largest sports-related industries in the United States. And in a comeback story that’s fit for the big leagues, jobs in sports-related industries combined have increased by 12.6 percent between 2010 and 2014, compared to the overall national job market which grew by 5.5 percent. The average earnings in these combined sports-related industries ($78,455) are significantly higher than the national average ($57,947).
Learn more about the growth these industries are experiencing, as well as 22 of the fastest growing sports-related jobs within those industries that help make game day a success.
Industry Growth
On the national level, much of the growth in sports-related jobs has been on the business end, with the promoters of performing arts, sports and similar events growing by 30 percent between 2010 and 2014, followed by agents and managers for artists, athletes, entertainers and other public figures, which grew by 17 percent.
Industry 2010 Jobs 2014 Jobs % Growth
Sports teams and clubs 76,411 82,968 8.6%
Promoters of performing arts, sports and similar events with facilities 76,269 99,445 30.4%
Other spectator sports 54,545 53,538  (1.8%)
Racetracks 44,672 40,712  (8.9%)
Promoters of performing arts, sports and similar events without facilities 31,481 41,091 30.5%
Agents and managers for artists, athletes, entertainers and other public figures 30,748 35,899 16.8%
Total 314,125 353,654 12.6%

Occupational breakdown
Within those six industries, 22 sports-related positions exist that are essential to your game day experience, including:
1. Meeting, convention and event planners
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 3,685
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 5,136
Change (2010-2014): 39 percent
2. Concierges
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 1,071
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 1,462
Change (2010-2014): 37 percent
3. Audio and video equipment technicians
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 6,491
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 8,268
Change (2010-2014): 27 percent
4. Market research analysts and marketing specialists
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 1,818
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 2,308
Change (2010-2014): 27 percent
5. Laborers and freight, stock and material movers, hand
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 6,491
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 8,212
Change (2010-2014): 27 percent
6. Public address system and other announcers
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 2,040
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 2,530
Change (2010-2014): 24 percent
7. Secretaries and administrative assistants, except legal, medical and executive
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 5,193
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 6,417
Change (2010-2014): 24 percent
8. Agents and business managers of artists, performers and athletes
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 9,493
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 11,641
Change (2010-2014): 23 percent
9. Radio and television announcers
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 1,174
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 1,428
Change (2010-2014): 22 percent
10. Producers and directors
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 2,881
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 3,490
Change (2010-2014): 21 percent
11. Bartenders
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 2,879
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 3,476
Change (2010-2014): 21 percent
12. Ushers, lobby attendants and ticket takers
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 25,441
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 30,388
Change (2010-2014): 19 percent
13. Accountants and auditors
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 1,952
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 2,314
Change (2010-2014): 19 percent
14. Janitors and cleaners, except maids and housekeeping cleaners
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 7,299
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 8,574
Change (2010-2014): 17 percent
15. Public relations specialists
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 3,301
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 3,875
Change (2010-2014): 17 percent
16. Maintenance and repair workers, general
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 3,565
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 4,160
Change (2010-2014): 17 percent
17. Security guards
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 13,975
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 16,253
Change (2010-2014): 16 percent
18. Office clerks, general
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 6,068
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 7,054
Change (2010-2014): 16 percent
19. General and operations managers
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 5,611
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 6,476
Change (2010-2014): 15 percent
20. Amusement and recreation attendants
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 5,336
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 6,110
Change (2010-2014): 15 percent
21. Coaches and scouts
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 7,769
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 8,349
Change (2010-2014): 7 percent

22. Athletes and sports competitors
Employed in sports-related industries (2010): 9,535
Employed in sports-related industries (2014): 9,775
Change (2010-2014): 3 percent

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Also try volunteering for an organization that supports a cause of interest to you. Not only will the work fill a resume gap, but it will also be a rewarding experience.

Finally, consider expanding your search to include companies or industries that you may not have previously considered. While something may not seem like the perfect fit at first, you may have transferable skills that could make you a great candidate for the role.

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Industry: Human capital management
Sample job titles: UI front end developer, implementation, entry-to-major accounts level sales, customer service
Location: Georgia, Texas, New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois
2. Advanced Technology Services
Industry: Factory maintenance, industrial parts and IT services
Sample job titles: Manufacturing maintenance technician, sales account executive, supply chain specialist, reliability engineer, planner/scheduler
Location: Nationwide
 3. Bloomin Brands (Outback Steakhouse, Roy’s, Carrabba’s, Fleming’s, Bonefish Grill)
Industry: Restaurant
Sample job titles: Restaurant manager, kitchen manager
Location: Nationwide
4. Bohler Engineering
Industry: Professional engineering services
Sample job titles: Design engineer, project manager, CAD and administrative personnel, field crew
Location: New York; Virginia; Maryland; Washington, D.C.; Pennsylvania; New England; Florida; North Carolina
5. DialAmerica
Industry: Call centers
Sample job titles: Licensed health insurance agent; wireless sales agent; team Leader; licensed, property and casualty insurance agent; call center agent; inbound customer service sales agent; part time – evening – call center representative
Location: Indianapolis; San Diego; Pittsburgh; Omaha, Neb.; Greenville and Charleston, S.C.; Knoxville, Tenn.; Orlando, Fla.
6. DLZ Engineering
Industry: Engineering
Sample job titles: Electrical engineer
Location: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan
7. Eagle Transport Corporation
Industry: Transportation
Sample job titles: CDL class A driver, terminal manager, chemical driver
Location: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, Delaware
8. Elderwood
Industry: Senior care
Sample job titles: RN, LPN, CNA, HHA, PT, PTA, OT, COTA, speech therapist, accounting, human resources, administrative
Location: New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts
9. Guckenheimer
Industry: Hospitality/food service
Sample job titles: Food service manager, chef manager, grill cook, prep production
Location: Watertown, Mass.; Seattle; Dallas; St. Louis; Redwood City, Calif.
10. Healthfirst
Industry: Health care
Sample job titles: Associate director, Learning and development; associate director, organizational design and engagement; behavioral health case manager; business analyst; project analyst; copywriter; customer service rep; enterprise integration delivery center leader; reassessment nurse; senior healthcare analyst
Location: New York; Lake Mary, Fla. (call center)
11. Impact Management Services
Industry: Automotive, manufacturing
Sample job titles: Manufacturing engineer, quality engineer, controls engineer, maintenance technician, process tech, mold setter, production supervisor and manager, recruiter, sales professional
Location: Detroit
12. Incepture Inc.
Industry: Staffing and recruiting
Sample job titles: Project manager, Java developer, medical review RN, database analyst, .NET developer
Location: Florida
13. Integra LifeSciences
Industry: Medical devices
Sample job titles: Product development engineer, quality assurance engineer, customer service rep, clinical specialist – neurosurgery
Location: California, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Utah
14. Lithia
Industry: Automotive
Sample job titles: Automotive technician, sales representative, detailer, lube technician, parts advisor, porter
Location: Nationwide
15. MakroTech
Industry: IT consulting
Sample job titles: Oracle SSAS developer, contract specialist, global data analyst
Location: Newark, N.J.
16. NFIB
Industry: Political advocacy membership services
Sample job titles: State communications director, outside sales representative, senior program analyst, senior database engineer lead
Location: Nashville, Tenn.; Salina, Kan.; Austin, Brownsville and Killeen, Texas; Columbus, Ga.; Chicago, Ill.
17. Sovereign Lending Group
Industry: Mortgage
Sample job titles: Mortgage banker, loan officer
Location: Irvine, Calif.
18. Terracon
Industry: Geotechnical engineering
Sample job titles: Technician, project engineer, project manager, geotechnical engineer, driller, environmental technician, CAD operator
Location: Nationwide
19. Trugreen
Industry: Landscaping, consumer products
Sample job titles: General manager, sales manager, sales rep, residential lawn specialist, laborer irrigation, residential outside sales, branch inside sales rep
Location: Nationwide

20. United Recovery Systems
Industry: Receivables management (collections)
Sample job titles: Experienced collection representative, project manager, collections specialist, client relations, .NET architect, IT specialist
Location: Oak Brook, Ill.; Houston and Bryan, Texas; Tempe, Ariz.; Covington, Ky.

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