31 jobs that pay the national average

By Susan Ricker,

The American workforce is diverse -- made up of occupations that require varying levels of education, experience and hard and soft skills. However, one thing workers in all occupations have in common: their love for pay day.
A paycheck is one of the most rewarding parts of holding a job, and what you earn directly impacts your life. The more information you have about your pay and what other workers in the field and across the country are earning, the more empowered you are to make smart decisions about what paycheck is best for you.
That being said, it's rarely appropriate to ask your friends and colleagues how much money they make. But you can still get insider information into what workers earn across the country.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, average hourly earnings of all employees on private nonfarm payrolls in December 2013 was $24.17. The following 31 jobs all pay about the national average hourly wage, according to earnings data from Economic Modeling Specialists International. While pay for these jobs will always vary based on any number of factors, including location, job level and company size, this list gives you a glimpse into the occupations that will get you a paycheck close to what the average U.S. worker earns.  
1. Computer user support specialist: $24.09
2. Meeting, convention and event planner: $24.09
3. Occupational health and safety technician: $24.09
4. Executive secretary and executive administrative assistant: $24.12
5. Architectural and civil drafter: $24.15
6. Media and communications worker: $24.16
7. Railroad brake, signal and switch operator: $24.16
8. Airfield operations specialist: $24.17
9. Paralegal and legal assistant: $24.25
10. Postal service clerk: $24.26
11. Appraiser and assessor of real estate: $24.30
12. Mine shuttle car operator: $24.32
13. Plumber, pipefitter and steamfitter: $24.32
14. Aircraft cargo handling supervisor: $24.33
15. Crane and tower operator: $24.33
16. Survey researcher: $24.36
17. Millwright: $24.39
18. Electrician: $24.41
19. Archivist: $24.43
20. Adult basic and secondary education and literacy teacher: $24.45
21. Continuous mining machine operator: $24.49
22. Hearing aid specialist: $24.49
23. Reinforcing iron and rebar worker: $24.59
24. Health care social worker: $24.68
25. Telecommunications line installer and repairer: $24.78
26. Court reporter: $24.86
27. Precision instrument and equipment repairer: $24.86
28. Musician and singer: $24.92
29. Set and exhibit designer: $24.96
30. Control and valve installer and repairer: $24.97
31. Gas compressor and gas pumping station operator: $24.98

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