11 health care jobs that don’t require a 4-year degree

By Jason Lovelace, president of CareerBuilder Healthcare

Healthcare professionals helping senior man (60s) stand up from wheelchair to use walker.Many industries were hit hard by the recession and are still struggling to rebound. Yet the health care sector not only made it through the economic downturn relatively unscathed, it experienced growth. This growth has no sign of slowing down — the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the U.S. will add 5.6 million health care jobs from 2010 to 2020, the largest projected increase of any industry.

There are several reasons why the industry is seeing healthy job gains. Americans are living longer than ever before, and as the population ages, the demand for medical care will only continue to increase. Also, since at its core health care is about patient care, most jobs need to be performed in person and can’t be automated or replaced by technology.

Yet even though health care workers are in demand, employers often struggle to find the right people to fill open positions. This may be in part due to a misconception that all health care jobs require decades of education and training, potentially discouraging job seekers from entering the field. The fact is that employers are in need of workers across all levels and functions.

The following 11 health care jobs don’t require a four-year college degree to enter the profession and have experienced the most growth in the field since 2010*. For some of the jobs listed, two-year degrees or other certifications may be necessary, while others call for various levels of on-the-job training (such as short term or moderate term).

1. Home health aide: Home health and personal care aides help people who are disabled, chronically ill or cognitively impaired, and they also assist older adults. Aides help with activities such as bathing and dressing and can provide services such as light housekeeping**.
Percent growth since 2010: 16
Education level: Short-term on-the-job training
Median hourly pay: $9.96
2. Veterinary technologist and technician: Veterinary technologists and technicians perform medical tests under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian to treat or help veterinarians diagnose the illnesses and injuries of animals.
Percent growth since 2010: 12
Education level: Associate degree
Median hourly pay: $14.67
3. Diagnostic medical sonographer: Diagnostic medical sonographers use special imaging equipment that directs sound waves into a patient’s body — in a procedure commonly known as an ultrasound, sonogram or echocardiogram — to assess and diagnose various medical conditions.
Percent growth since 2010: 12
Education level: Associate degree
Median hourly pay: $31.83
4. Physical therapist assistant: These assistants help physical therapists provide care to patients. They give therapy through exercise, massage, gait and balance training and other therapeutic methods.
Percent growth since 2010: 11
Education level: Associate degree
Median hourly pay: $24.53
5. Occupational therapy assistant: Occupational therapy assistants treat patients with injuries, illnesses or disabilities through the therapeutic use of everyday activities. Collaborating with occupational therapists, they develop and carry out treatment plans, ranging from teaching the proper way to move from a bed into a wheelchair to the best way to stretch one’s muscles.
Percent growth since 2010: 10
Education level: Associate degree
Median hourly pay: $25.13
6. Massage therapist: Massage therapists treat clients by using touch to manipulate the soft-tissue muscles of the body. With their hands-on treatment, therapists relieve pain, rehabilitate injuries, reduce stress, increase relaxation and aid in the general wellness of clients.
Percent growth since 2010: 10
Education level: Postsecondary non-degree award
Median hourly pay: $15.21
7. Physical therapist aide: These aides help make therapy sessions productive, under the direct supervision of a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant. They often are responsible for keeping the treatment area clean and organized and making preparations for patient therapy sessions.
Percent growth since 2010: 10
Education level: Moderate-term on-the-job training
Median hourly pay: $11.48
8. Cardiovascular technologist and technician: Cardiovascular technologists and technicians use imaging technology to help physicians diagnose cardiac (heart) and peripheral vascular (blood vessel) ailments in patients.
Percent growth since 2010: 8
Education level: Associate degree
Median hourly pay: $24.51
9. Occupational therapy aide: Occupational therapy aides, supervised by occupational therapists, treat patients with injuries, illnesses or disabilities through the therapeutic use of everyday activities. Aides typically prepare materials and assemble equipment used during treatment and are also responsible for various clerical tasks.
Percent growth since 2010: 7
Education level: Short-term on-the-job training
Median hourly pay: $13.70
10. Medical assistant: Medical assistants complete administrative and clinical tasks in the offices of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors and other health practitioners. Their duties vary with the location, specialty and size of the practice.
Percent growth since 2010: 7
Education level: Moderate-term on-the-job training
Median hourly pay: $14.17
11. Radiologic technologist and technician: Radiologic technologists perform diagnostic imaging examinations, such as X-rays, on patients.
Percent growth since 2010: 7
Education level: Associate degree
Median hourly pay: $27.11

5 jobs for the marketing team of the future

By Ashley Furness,

During a recent business leaders' conference in London, Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide CEO Kevin Roberts declared marketing dead, saying, "The further up in a company you go, the stupider you become – and the further away from new things."
While I agree with his latter sentiment, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects marketing payrolls to increase by at least 13 percent between 2010 and 2020. Perhaps what Roberts meant to say is that the old ways of marketing are dead, as evidenced by the dramatic shift in skills desired from today's marketer. Recruiters are ditching mass media and direct mail for candidates who are savvy in search-engine optimization, analytics, mobile platforms, social media and content.
I asked more than 30 marketing and recruiting specialists what new marketing job titles they expect will become popular in the next decade. Here are five of the most common roles they named.

1. Crowdsourcing specialist
"You don't [market to today's customer] by just vomiting sales pitches on them, you do it by listening to how the product has helped them," says Josh King, director of business development at Peacock Virtual Solutions.
This role has two parts: listening and promoting. Companies can no longer dictate their brand identity to the customer. To that end, the crowdsourcing specialist would monitor conversations about the brand on the Internet and develop messages that respond to customers' expectations. On the promotion side, the crowdsourcing specialist would send out calls to action, such as inviting customers to compete to create the best video about the brand and perhaps tying the theme to something trending on Twitter.

2. Vice president of marketing data analytics
"Accountability wasn't present [in marketing] before. It's required now, because we can measure every aspect of a campaign," says Jennifer Pockell-Wilson, vice president of marketing and demand operations at Demandbase. "You can't judge success by return on investment on a specific campaign anymore because traffic, brand awareness and consumers come from multiple sources that interact together."
People in this job would decide when, why and how marketing data should be tracked. This includes data collected through marketing automation, website analytics, social media, email campaigns, mobile platforms, SEO, content marketing and other channels. The goals: to improve marketing performance and continually refine the company's definition of the ideal customer. This information would be shared with brand and campaign strategists who design promotions.

3. ROI and marketing budget officer
Marketing budgets are shifting from quarterly allotments for print, direct mail and media advertising to constantly shifting spending from one channel to another. Data about return on investment are often instantly available -- from paid search ad spending, for example -- so marketing can be more nimble with resource allocation. The budget officer would track ROI from all promotion channels and adjust spending based on those results.
"The idea is to get marketing tactics out there quickly, track results, then continue with ones that work and dump ones that don't," says crowdSPRING co-founder Mike Samson. "The idea is to try a bunch of things and learn through constant trial and error."

4. Marketing integration planner
"People don't call directly in from an infomercial or click a banner and immediately buy items," marketing consultant Jocelyn Saurini says. "They search for reviews, they interact with brands, they pay attention to trending topics."
People in this job would identify ways to deliver a single marketing message, campaign or branding effort across multiple digital channels. An example includes using a pay-per-click advertising campaign to promote a viral video or using SEO keyword analysis to help craft a press release. They might also use tools such as Demand Metric's Marketing Channel Ranking Tool to prioritize message delivery channels based on cost and other indicators.

5. Content marketing chief
"The people who are able to create a lot of value in the marketing organization of the future think in terms of content, not channels, and in terms of insight, not data," says Zach Clayton, CEO and founder of Three Ships Media.
People in this job would plan the development of websites, blogs, videos, infographics, webinars, social media and other content vehicles. The individual would decide how that content would be promoted and cross-promoted, then track its performance. Finally, the content marketing leader would look for externally created content about the company on the Internet and find ways to use it for SEO and other marketing purposes.

What's your take?
It's doubtful that every marketing department will need all of these positions. The point here is to show the future of marketing through the most highly desired skills and emerging job titles.
"All the top-down, brand-driven marketing disciplines aren't dead, they just must be balanced now with the consumer-centric disciplines that require brands to let go of the steering wheel and let the consumers drive," says Tom Cotton, partner at marketing consultancy Protagonist.

9 jobs you shouldn't overlook

By Alina Dizik,

Some jobs can have negative stigmas, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give them a second glance when you're conducting your search. In fact, many jobs that seem unappealing from the get-go actually provide workers with a favorable work-life balance and other perks. To retain employees, many careers with negative stigmas offer better-than-usual incentives to draw in job seekers.

Here are nine jobs that deserve a second look.
Collecting garbage can be smelly work, but if you can handle the mess of dealing with other people's trash, there are also outstanding perks involved. Most garbage collectors have impressive benefits and health insurance, while bringing in over $50,000 per year. With only a high school education required, this can be a flexible choice for those looking for a career lift.
The career requires a degree in mortuary science and can be a good choice for a science buff and someone who likes working with people. Many funeral directors run their own businesses, and it's ideal for those who want to skip the hassle of dealing with a boss. While the job can bring up sad feelings it's also rewarding because you're helping families in a time of need.
Cleaning teeth isn't often on the list of most-wanted jobs, but it shouldn't be overlooked. Dental hygienists enjoy working flexible hours and have plenty of opportunities for part-time work. Employment of hygienists is expected to grow by 36 percent by 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Working with individuals who have been arrested, correctional officers have some of the toughest jobs. While there are definite downsides with maintaining order in correctional institutions, it can also be a rewarding way to spend your work hours. There is plenty of room for advancement within the correctional system and you'll be sure to get great management experience as you move up the ladder.  
Driving long distances to deliver or pick-up cargo can be a demanding job that's often overlooked. In reality, a truck-driving career deserves a second glance for both the flexibility and pay. Education requirements are minimal but a state-issued Commercial Driver's License is a must. Many drivers say the opportunity to travel also makes this a more exciting career.
This home improvement job typically requires a four-year apprenticeship for those wanting to become an electrician. While the job can seem redundant, electricians actually work with many different types of projects including commercial building, machines and electric utility company distribution systems. Many electricians also run their own business and enjoy building up their craft and customer base.
Plumbing problems can be intimidating to tackle every day, but being a plumber has a definite upside. For one, plumbers have a flexible schedule and a job that provides stable benefits while being in-demand and resistant to downturns. Craftsmanship is also an important part of the job and plumbers often form strong business ties when they gain a reputation for consistently performing excellent work. Most plumbers value the stability of their field and enjoy the ability to connect with customers.
Typically working in manufacturing environments, inspectors help to insure that products are made to appropriate standards. While the job can seem boring, many quality control workers appreciate being involved during every part of production and learning about new developments. Other titles with a similar role include sorters, testers and weighers. Some inspectors have opportunities to work with prototypes and never-before-seen equipment, which can give workers an inside scoop on upcoming products.

Top jobs in top cities: A look at emerging careers across the US

As part of our video series with employers and hiring managers, we visited cities throughout the U.S. to learn more about what it’s like to live there, what type of culture to expect, some of the exciting things to see or do and what sort of jobs are available. While employers are cautiously optimistic about hiring this year across the nation, certain areas are seeing more job growth in specific industries, which is getting more people to consider relocating for their career.
Below are videos from five cities we’re featuring in our series, along with the top five jobs with the largest percentage growth since 2010 in each city*. 
Watch the entire series on YouTube here. 
1. Insurance sales agent - 15 percent growth since 2010, median earnings $24.23/hour
2. Software developer (systems software) – 12 percent growth, median earnings $44.83/hour
3. Software developer (applications) – 12 percent growth, median earnings $41.60/hour
4. Market research analyst – 12 percent growth, median earnings $29.49/hour
5. Accountant and auditor – 8 percent growth, median earnings $31.43/hour

1. Fitness trainer – 20 percent growth since 2010, median earnings $24.23/hour
2. Home health aide – 15 percent growth, median earnings $10.37/hour
3. Electrician – 11 percent growth, median earnings $23.01/hour
4. Retail salesperson – 8 percent growth, median earnings $11.20/hour
5. Cook, restaurant service – 8 percent growth, median earnings $10.57

Los Angeles:
1. Insurance sale agent – 12 percent growth since 2010, median earnings $26.92/hour
2. Coach and scout – 10 percent growth, median earnings $18.44/hour
3. Producer and director – 9 percent growth, median earnings $51.30/hour
4. Market research analyst – 9 percent growth, median earnings $28.40/hour
5. Accountant – 8 percent growth, median earnings $31.88/hour

Minneapolis/St. Paul:
1. Electrician – 17 percent growth since 2010, median earnings $31.32/hour
2. Insurance sales agent – 12 percent growth, median earnings $23.29/hour
3. Telemarketer – 12 percent growth, median earnings $13.80/hour
4. Personal care aide – 11 percent growth, median earnings $11.17/hour
5. Machinist – 11 percent growth, median earnings $21.59/hour

1. Sewing machine operator – 33 percent growth since 2010, median earnings $11.98/hour
2. Home health aide – 11 percent growth, median earnings $10.49/hour
3. Insurance sales agent – 10 percent growth, median earnings $26.27/hour
4. Machinist – 9 percent growth, median earnings $19.41/hour
5. Restaurant worker – 8 percent growth, median earnings $9.19/hour

50 jobs that pay $50,000

While the unemployment rate edged up in August to 9.7 — the country’s highest in 27 years — the Labor Department has reported that fewer jobs were lost. While employment continued to drop, that decline appears to be slowing: -216,000 jobs in August compared to -463,000 in June and -276,000 in July.
This latest report also shed some light on discouraged workers:

librarianAmong the marginally attached, the number of discouraged workers in August (758,000) has nearly doubled over the past 12 months. Discouraged workers are persons not currently looking for work because they believe no jobs are available for them. The other 1.5 million persons marginally attached to the labor force in August had not searched for work in the 4 weeks preceding the survey for reasons such as school attendance or family responsibilities.
It seems many of the people we at The Work Buzz are hearing from these days are discouraged. They say there aren’t enough jobs, there aren’t the right jobs, there aren’t any jobs.

Yes, it is taking more time these days to find a job, but hopefully, we can help you fight that job seeker fatigue. For example, we told you this week about a new CBsalary tool that matches salaries to jobs.
Many of you tell us that you’ll take any job as long as it pays the bills. Here’s one way this tool might fit in. Say you need to earn $50,000 to support yourself and your family. Type in your location and that number and — voila! — you’ll receive a list of jobs that match that pay an average of $50,000 in your area.
While we’re on the subject, we thought we’d give you a list to start with. Here are 50 jobs that pay an average of $50,000 annually in the United States:
  1. Millwrights
    Annual average earnings: $50,040*
  2. Mechanical engineering technicians
    Annual average earnings: $50,070
  3. Industrial engineering technicians
    Annual average earnings: $50,130
  4. Vocational education teachers, middle school
    Annual average earnings: $50,150
  5. Food service managers
    Annual average earnings: $50,400
  6. Vocational education teachers, postsecondary
    Annual average earnings: $51,020
  7. Dietitians and nutritionists
    Annual average earnings: $51,540
  8. Pile-driver operators
    Annual average earnings: $51,650
  9. Aircraft mechanics and service technicians
    Annual average earnings: $51,960
  10. Court reporters
    Annual average earnings: $52,150
  11. Chemical plant and system operators
    Annual average earnings: $52,160
  12. Construction and building inspectors
    Annual average earnings: $52,240
  13. Elementary school teachers, except special education
    Annual average earnings: $52,550
  14. Lodging managers
    Annual average earnings: $52,570
  15. Middle school teachers, except special and vocational education
    Annual average earnings: $52,650
  16. Police and sheriff’s patrol officers
    Annual average earnings: $52,950
  17. Forensic science technicians
    Annual average earnings: $52,970
  18. Special education teachers, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school
    Annual average earnings: $53,090
  19. Tax examiners, collectors, and revenue agents
    Annual average earnings: $53,100
  20. Boilermakers
    Annual average earnings: $53,110
  21. Sound engineering technicians
    Annual average earnings: $53,150
  22. Respiratory therapists
    Annual average earnings: $53,170
  23. Advertising sales agents
    Annual average earnings: $53,230
  24. Radiologic technologists and technicians
    Annual average earnings: $53,410
  25. Appraisers and assessors of real estate
    Annual average earnings: $53,460
  26. Educational, vocational, and school counselors
    Annual average earnings: $53,540
  27. Vocational education teachers, secondary school
    Annual average earnings: $53,760
  28. Employment, recruitment, and placement specialists
    Annual average earnings: $53,960
  29. Insurance appraisers, auto damage
    Annual average earnings: $53,990
  30. Electrical and electronic engineering technicians
    Annual average earnings: $54,050
  31. Medical and clinical laboratory technologists
    Annual average earnings: $54,120
  32. Real estate sales agents
    Annual average earnings: $54,700
  33. Librarians
    Annual average earnings: $54,750
  34. Training and development specialists
    Annual average earnings: $54,840
  35. Music directors and composers
    Annual average earnings: $54,840
  36. Special education teachers, secondary school
    Annual average earnings: $55,140
  37. Surveyors
    Annual average earnings: $56,030
  38. Property, real estate, and community association managers
    Annual average earnings: $56,280
  39. Aerospace engineering and operations technicians
    Annual average earnings: $56,560
  40. Engineering technicians, except drafters, all other
    Annual average earnings: $56,660
  41. Legal support workers
    Annual average earnings: $57,060
  42. Compensation, benefits, and job analysis specialists
    Annual average earnings: $57,080
  43. Editors
    Annual average earnings: $57,300
  44. Claims adjusters, examiners, and investigators
    Annual average earnings: $57,630
  45. Funeral directors
    Annual average earnings: $58,820
  46. Public relations specialists
    Annual average earnings: $59,030
  47. Sales representatives, services
    Annual average earnings: $59,150
  48. Transportation inspectors
    Annual average earnings: $59,650
  49. Arbitrators, mediators, and conciliators
    Annual average earnings: $59,780
  50. Instructional coordinators
    Annual average earnings: $59,830

Source: careerbuilder

20 companies hiring in May

Companies hiring OctoberCollege graduation season is here, and as students don their caps and gowns, they’re thinking ahead to what’s next — whether it’s going back to school, starting a career or taking another life direction. Those that are entering the workforce may not always know where to begin. A good place to start is by tapping their college’s career center or alumni network. If they know what kind of job they want, they should search online job sites to see what’s available.

To help college grads — or any type of job seeker — with their search, here is a list of 20 companies hiring now:
1. Canon USA Inc.
Consumer electronics
Sample job titles:
Information technology, marketing, human resources, logistics, sales, project management, finance, audit, legal
Location: New York, Illinois, Texas, California, New Jersey, Georgia
2. Celadon Trucking Services
Sample job titles:
Over-the-road driver, team driver, Commercial Driver’s License driver, owner-operator, diesel technician, warehouse employee
3. Christus Health
Health care
Sample job titles:
Registered nurse
San Antonio and Corpus Christi, Texas
4. Delphi Corporation
Industry: Automotive supplier
Sample job titles: Finance, engineering, IT — auditor, software engineer, electronics engineer, program manager
Location: Greater Detroit area; Mountain View, Calif.; Warren, Ohio; Waterloo, Iowa
5. Dovenmuehle Mortgage Inc.
Sample job titles: Foreclosure representative, project manager, supervisor, escrow representative, bankruptcy representative
Location: Lake Zurich and Elgin, Ill.
6. Dunbar Armored
Industry: Security/transportation
Sample job titles: Software application developer, driver/guard, teller, account executive
Location: Nationwide
7. Einstein Noah Restaurant Group
Sample job titles:
General manager, assistant manager, shift leader, area manager, baker, crew member, catering manager
8. Hy-Vee
Sample job titles:
Assistant manager, food service
Des Moines; Kansas City, Mo.
9. Infinity Insurance
Sample job titles:
Bilingual claims adjuster, customer service representative, claims adjuster, field appraiser, inside insurance sales
Tucson; Birmingham, Ala.; Orlando; Cerritos, Calif.; Houston
10. Orkin Pest Control
Pest control
Sample job titles: Pest control service specialist, pest control residential sales, pest control commercial sales
11. Pioneer Human Services
Sample job titles:
Quality assurance supervisor, resident monitor, clinical services supervisor
Location: Seattle, Spokane, Sedro-Woolley and Tacoma, Wash.
12. QPS Employment Group
Staffing and recruiting
Sample job titles:
Accounting assistant, mechanical design engineer, electrical and mechanical assembler, customer service, forklift operator, machine operator, manufacturing engineer
Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa
13. Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers
Industry: Construction/sales
Sample job title: Territory manager
Location: Atlanta, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle, Toledo
14. RN Network
Staffing (travel nurses)
Sample job titles: Travel registered nurse, labor and delivery registered nurse, travel RN — emergency room, intensive care unit RN, RN, operating room RN
Florida, Illinois, New York, California, Ohio, Georgia, Indiana, Washington
15. Ryan LLC
Tax accounting services
Sample job titles: Associate consultant (accounting/tax), consultant (accounting/tax), senior consultant (accounting/tax), director-business development, training coordinator, director-international income tax, executive assistant, personal property tax analyst, business analyst, IT applications
Location: Dallas; Washington, D.C.; Phoenix; Detroit; Cleveland; New York City; Atlanta; Pittsburgh; Seattle; Los Angeles; Denver; Chicago
16. Safety Services Company
Sales (safety)
Sample job titles:
Sales agent, account services manager
Tempe and Yuma, Ariz.
17. Schaeffler Group USA
Sample job titles:
Toolmaker, sales engineer, industrial engineer, supervisor
South Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama
18. Sprint
Telecommunications — wireless industry
Sample job titles:
Manager-retail store, retail consultant, customer service representative
19. Strategic IT Staffing
Sample job titles:
Senior Oracle developer, SharePoint developer, IT field technician, junior Web developer, .Net software developer, software engineer
20. Washington Federal
Sample job titles: Branch manager, customer service supervisor, customer service representative, loan coordinator
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas

Bounty hunt, chase geese and 10 other weird jobs to make money from

Despite August's lamentable job growth numbers, you could actually earn money going on a wild goose chase. Similar to this, but probably with more tools and a bit more professional decorum.
Yes, there are such things as geese-centric pest control companies.

Typically small, family-run businesses, they hire employees to help rid golf courses, public parks and office complexes of the hissing pests. I know what you're thinking. "Am I really going to chase geese?" Sadly, no. Instead you'll be implementing sonic deterrents or if you're lucky, working with border collies. Yes, this position just got even weirder.
Turns out trained collies are great for scaring off the fowl beasts, even endorsed by animal rights organizations as one of the most humane methods of goose removal. Income range depends on the number of clients and length of contracts you're working with, but it can be a great fit for someone who wants to work outside and with animals.

However, should chasing geese be altogether too bird-brained of an idea, Steve Gillman offers up 100 other positions for you to mull over when it comes to your next career move in his book "101 Weird Ways to Make Money."

Here are 10 opportunities you might be interested in that I bet none of your friends are doing.

  • Repo man: Stealing cars back is really for the thrill-seeking type only, with the potential rate for awkward and possibly dangerous altercations very high. Typically you work with a tow truck company, so you could make anywhere from $15,000 as part-time status and upwards.

  • Bounty hunter: If your favorite book is "The Most Dangerous Game," you may love the excitement that a bounty-hunting career can offer up. Annual income is anywhere from $50,000-$80,000; some states require licensing or training. It could even satisfy the need to slide over the hood of a car that you've got buried deep inside of you.

  • Bicycle-taxi driver: A one-person, fare-only operation can yield upwards of $62,000 a year, not to mention your quad and calf muscles will be the envy of all you meet; startup costs are $2,000-$4,000 for your ride, liability insurance, city permits, etc.

  • Cricket farmer: Apparently a cricket paralysis virus may send prices of the insects sky-high so this could be your meal ticket; it's estimated that cricket farms can make anywhere from $1 million to $20 million per year, depending on the size of the operation.

  • Crime-scene cleaner: Bit of a neat freak? Why not use those housekeeping skills at the scene of a crime. Depending on the city and amount of crime, expect to make anywhere from $30,000 to $75,000. Be prepared to wear a biohazard suit and have a strong stomach.

  • Online review writing: You can get paid for testing or investigating products and telling people what you think. Startup costs are minimal, with your requirements being to setup a blog and run it. You may have to develop multiple niche sites for specific categories (like workout equipment, makeup, hats, whatever else ...) but all these little endeavors can add up to big bucks -- income of $80,000 is not out of the question.

  • Expertise adviser: Maybe you are an expert at some niche topic such as dating, overall efficiency or cat herding. Fees for services vary greatly depending on your area of wisdom, ranging from $40 for home decorating to thousands of dollars for marketing consultation.

  • Voice-over actor: Been told your voice is liquid gold and that Barry White may not hold a candle to you? Try lending your audible talent to radio or television commercials, which on average makes $27,500 but can lead up to $75,000+ a year.

  • Surveillance worker: Bit of a voyeur, are you? You may get a kick out of this gig that pays you to watch people. Gaming surveillance officers average $32,500 annually, with higher wages in government offices or office buildings of some corporations.

  • English teacher abroad: Get paid to travel and speak English. What could be better? While some employers don't require a college degree, some do and most require a TESL certificate. Pay varies based on the location you're teaching in and how high the demand is. Currently, Japan is huge for these types of jobs.The great part of Gillman's books is that even if you're already employed, you can use some of his ideas for side-jobs that can just supplement your current income. Truly for people with entrepreneurial spirits, he gives readers links to and advice on how to get started in each business, the opportunity for scalability and how much money you can make. 

  • 8 job-related smartphone apps

    By Debra Auerbach,

    It's truly amazing what you can accomplish with today's smartphones. With just a click or touch, you can find a date, make restaurant reservations or set up a recording on your digital video recorder. So what about using your phone to look for a job?

    We've told you about the importance of building a strong online presence to help your job search by using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other career-related blogs. But have you ever considered using smartphone apps to make your job search easier?

    We think you should. To help, here's a list of eight job-related apps to take your job search mobile.

    1. Business Card Reader: You're at a networking event and collect a bunch of business cards, but by the time you get home, you've already lost a few. To avoid misplacing important contacts, download this nifty app. Take a picture of a business card with your phone's camera, and the app will import the contact information directly to your address book. 
    Cost: Varies based on platform
    Available for: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile

    2. Documents To Go: This app is available in a few different versions, depending on your platform. Based on the version you download, you'll be able to view and/or create and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. The premium version offers viewing, editing and syncing of cloud files, along with the ability to view PDF, iWork, Text and .RTF files.
    Cost: Varies based on version and platform
    Available for: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Maemo

    3. Good Job: With the Good Job app, you can track and save tasks, events, follow ups, interviews, jobs and contacts related to your job search.
    Cost: $4.99
    Available for: iPhone

    4. Jobs by CareerBuilder: The CareerBuilder app allows you to search its database of nearly 2 million jobs by keyword, location, company and employment type, among others. You can use your phone's GPS to identify jobs near you, apply for jobs and receive personalized job recommendations.
    Cost: Free
    Available for: iPhone, Android

    5. Labor Stats: Do you like to stay up-to-date on employment- and economy-related news? The Labor Stats app from the Bureau of Labor Statistics sends stats on unemployment rate, consumer price index, average hourly earnings and others to your phone. You're also able to download press releases in browser and PDF format.
    Cost: Free
    Available for: iPhone, Android

    6. LunchMeet: This recently introduced app is like "It's Just Lunch" for networking. By signing in via your LinkedIn account, you tell the app when and where you're available to meet someone for networking. Then it'll match you up with other networkers in your area, and from there you can invite them to meet for lunch, drinks or whatever suits your networking fancy.
    Cost: Free
    Available for: iPhone

    7. Resume App: If you're on-the-go and need to quickly apply for a job, this app will come in handy. With Resume App, you can build, design and generate a customizable PDF résumé. Once created, you can distribute it directly from your phone. Sure, it doesn't (or shouldn't) replace your résumé completely, but it's good for when you're in a pinch.
    Cost: $2.99
    Available for: iPhone

    8. SnapDat Digital Business Cards: SnapDat allows you to create and share digital business cards. You can choose from 40 different designs, all of which look like traditional business cards. From there, you can email your newly created card to your contact. Plus it has a fun name, which is always a bonus.
    Cost: Free
    Available for: iPhone

    13 Management jobs May-5-2013

     (1) SQL Server Database Administrator - Direct Hire FTE Position
     Job type: Full-Time | Pay: $65k - $80k/year
    Classification:  Database Administration Compensation:  $65,000.00 to $80,000.00 per year SQL Server Database Administrator - Direct Hire FTE Position... View full job description

    (2) Handson IT Manager -
    Job type: Full-Time | Pay: $90,001 - $110k/year
    Classification:  Systems Administrator Compensation:  $90,000.99 to $110,000.00 per year HANDS ON IT MANAGER Advanced degree or equivalent with a... View full job description

    (3) SystemsAdministrator (IIS) - Awesome Company! -
    Job type: Full-Time | Pay: $100k - $110k/year
    Classification:  Systems Administrator Compensation:  $100,000.00 to $110,000.00 per year Our client is looking for a fantastic systems admin with... View full job description

    (4) QA Manager Position-.Net Quality Manager/Analyst......004 -
    Job type: Full-Time | Pay: $80k - $90k/year
    Classification:  Programmer/Analyst Compensation:  $80,000.00 to $90,000.00 per year Robert Half Technology is searching for an experienced QA Manager... View full job description

    (5) TeamLead Software Developer/Engineer-C#/.Net.....004 - 
    Job type: Full-Time | Pay: $80k - $95k/year
    Classification:  Programmer/Analyst Compensation:  $80,000.00 to $95,000.00 per year Robert Half Technology is searching for a Lead Software Developer... View full job description

    (6) SharePointAdministrator -
    Job type: Contractor | Pay: $40.00 - $45.00/hour
    Classification:  Systems Administrator Compensation:  $40.00 to $45.00 per hour Robert Half Technology is actively recruiting for a SharePoint... View full job description

    (7) Leader- Technical Operations -
    Job type: Full-Time | Pay: $140k - $160k/year
    Classification:  IS/IT Director Compensation:  $140,000.00 to $160,000.00 per year DescriptionWork that involves developing and implementing policies/... View full job description

    (8) ApplicationDevelopment Project Manager/Lead -
    Job type: Full-Time
    Classification:  Project Leader/Manager Compensation:  DOE Our Milwaukee client has an immediate Full-Time position for an IT Project Manager with 5+... View full job description

    (9) NetworkAdministrator -
    Job type: Contractor | Pay: $28.36 - $33.27/hour
    Classification:  Network Administrator Compensation:  $28.36 to $33.27 per hour Our client in Irving, TX is looking to fill a Network Administrator... View full job description

    (10) ProjectManagement Admin -
    Job type: Full-Time
    Project Admin I –Overland Park Start Date: 04/1/2013 Duration: 6+ months (renewable) Location: Overland Park, KS Pay Rate: $17/hr SCOPE OF WORK: The...View full job description

    (11) Project Management Admin -
    Job type: Full-Time
    Project Administrator II Start Date: 03/04/2013 Duration: 6+ months Location: New Orleans, LA Pay Rate: $19.50/hr SCOPE OF WORK: •Advanced MS Excel (... View full job description

    (12) Project Management Admin -
    Job type: Full-Time
    Project Admin I – Overland Park Start Date: 04/01/2013 Duration: 6+ months (renewable) Location: Overland Park, KS Pay Rate: $17/hr SCOPE OF WORK: The... View full job description

    (13) Project Manager -
    Job type: Full-Time
    Candidate having strong PM skills managing SDLC projects, candidate MUST HAVE experience in management of Datawarehouse projects*** Position requires... View full job description

    Source: careerbuilder

    Companies hiring this week

    Companies hiring this week

    Job seekers, here is our weekly list of 10 companies that are hiring now. Click on the links below to learn more about the opportunities available at each company.

    1. Atkins Global
    Industry: Engineering
    Sample job titles: Senior process engineer
    Location: Nationwide
    2. Bruno Independent Living Aids Inc.
    Industry: Manufacturing
    Sample job titles: Production welder, fabricator/welder, customer care representative, sales representative, engineer
    Location: Oconomowoc, Wis.
    3. C3 Customer Contact Channels
    Industry: Call center/BPO
    Sample job titles: Customer service representative, quality assurance coordinator, temporary licensed health care coach
    Location: Salt Lake City; Las Vegas; Twin Falls, Idaho
    4. GOJI
    Industry: Insurance
    Sample job titles: Entry-level sales, call center specialist, licensed insurance professional
    Location: Boston and Westborough, Mass.
    5. JM Family Enterprises
    Industry: Automotive
    Sample job titles: Body shop painter, inventory inspector, technology engineer, service technician, field service specialist, F&I specialist
    Location: Nationwide
    6. Merchant Pay Network
    Industry: Banking/Finance
    Sample job titles: Outside sales
    Location: Nationwide
    7. Qology Direct
    Industry: Online marketing
    Sample job titles: VIOP engineer, SEO strategist, inside sales executive, business intelligence developer
    Location: Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Boca Raton, Margate and Miami, Fla.
    8. Senior Care Centers
    Industry: Health care
    Sample job titles: Registered nurse, certified nurse aide, director of nursing, assistant director of nursing, nursing home administrator, social services director
    Location: Texas
    9. Sun Communities
    Industry: Property management
    Sample job titles: Guest services, housekeeping, maintenance technician, groundskeeper, sales manager, bartender, resort manager, pool attendant    
    Location: Nationwide

    10. Terminix
    Industry: Consumer products
    Sample job titles: Branch commercial pest control service rep, commercial sales professional associate, branch pest control start technician, branch sales manager, branch service manager, operations manager, sales rep
    Location: Nationwide

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