Most Underrated Jobs In America: Not Glamorous, But Well-Paid And Low Stress

underrated jobs
Finding a job in this economy isn't easy, but one way to get ahead is to take a look at careers that fly below the radar of other job hunters.

That's what CareerCast has done in unveiling its latest list of underrated jobs, careers that the job-search website says offer increasing opportunities for job seekers new to the labor force, as well as those who need a career change.

What makes a job underrated? CareerCast says it's a combination of desirable job attributes -- high growth, low stress and rewarding opportunities -- combined with relatively low consideration among job seekers. In other words, these jobs aren't high on the lists of many people when asked what kinds of jobs they'd like to do.

CareerCast's list includes a wide variety of professions and includes jobs for which only a bit of additional education is needed after high school, as well as those that require a specialized degree or additional schooling. Most of the jobs are also well paying, with more than half earning annual salaries that top $60,000.

Could one of these be the right career for you? Review the gallery below and find out.

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Source: AOL

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