The 10 Professions That Drink The Most Coffee

Nothing is more motivating than the aroma of fresh coffee floating through the air. It's the invigorating scent that confidently says, "We're going to get this done today!" and starts streaming energy through you. Like getting to work on time and finding no long list of emails to tackle, a cup of coffee can make a big difference in a worker's morning.

A new survey commissioned jointly by Dunkin' Donuts and CareerBuilder shows just how many workers rely on an eye-opening and mind-cranking cup of strong coffee: 43 percent of those surveyed claim that they are less productive without a cup of joe. For those who do make coffee a regular part of their workday, 63 percent of coffee-drinking workers actually drink two cups or more each workday, and 28 percent drink three cups or more.

National Coffee Day is Saturday, Sept. 29, and in celebration of the beverage that fuels the nation's productivity, Dunkin' Donuts and CareerBuilder sought out to find which jobs rely on coffee the most and what else is going on in the coffee mugs of workers across America.

Part Of The Job

Coffee seems to be a necessity on the job in a wide variety of careers. Workers who stated that they are less productive without coffee were found in many different professions, though the highest numbers of workers who need coffee to get through the workday are:

  1. Food preparation/service workers
  2. Scientists
  3. Sales representatives
  4. Marketing/public relations professionals
  5. Nurses (nurse, nurse practitioner or physician assistant)
  6. Editors/writers/media workers
  7. Business executives
  8. Teachers/instructors (K-12)
  9. Engineering technicians/support
  10. IT managers/network administrators

Source: AOL

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