9 outdoor jobs for summer

Looking for a job, but still want to enjoy your summer? Consider one of the following, which will let you spend time in the great outdoors, and earn some extra cash, too.

1. Lifeguard
Lifeguards may get paid to sit on the beach, but there's more to the job than just that. They also must possess the skill and mental acuity to respond quickly to emergencies. Beach lifeguards, for example, must pass rigorous physical tests before receiving their certification, and guards at many amusement parks go through weekly training sessions to ensure that their first-aid and rescue skills are up-to-date.
Salary: $17.46/hour

2. Landscape assistant
Revisit the summer vacations of your youth, spent mowing the neighbor's lawn, and apply for a job as a landscaper or landscaping assistant. While away summer days creating scenic pathways through parks, increasing the curb appeal of a house on the market or beautifying outdoor spaces for shopping centers or college campuses.
Salary: $13.00/hour

3. Bike messenger
Since bike messengers primarily work in urban areas and have time-sensitive deliveries, this job is more extreme sport than leisurely ride. Because bike messengers are on their own making deliveries most of the day, it's also a great job for those who prefer to work autonomously.
Salary: $11.78/per hour

4. Amusement park worker
Spend your summer helping happy customers (who isn't happy to be at an amusement park?) in the sun. It doesn't get much better than that. Jobs at amusement parks range from selling tickets, to serving food, to helping guests on and off of rides.
Salary: $10.14/hour

5. Construction worker
There's no denying that the construction industry has been hard hit by the recession. Recent government stimulus money, however, has been allotted to repair the nation's roadways and provides hope for industry resurgence. The long, warm days of summer also help in making it a good time to look for a construction job.
Salary: $20.08/hour

6. Personal trainer
Shake up the standard gym workout by taking clients on a trail run, a bike ride or for an alfresco workout in the park. Who knows -- you may even find yourself with a new, year-round career: according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the personal training industry is expected to experience a much higher than average rate of growth through 2018.
Salary: $25.19/hour

7. Event planner
Event planners spend their days coordinating everything from weddings to awards ceremonies to corporate parties and conferences. If you want to be outside, look for jobs planning weddings or parties for a restaurant group or venue with outdoor space.
Salary: $39.60/hour

8. Valet parking attendant
Valets park cars of patrons at restaurants, hotels, hospitals and stores where finding a place to park may be difficult or time consuming. The outdoor nature of the job provides the perfect opportunity to catch a few rays, but valet shifts are rarely canceled due to inclement weather, so employees must be prepared to work in all conditions.
Salary: $9.51/hour (not including tips)

9. Golf caddie
Like Happy Gilmore describes it: "Blue skies, fresh cut grass, birds chirping." There are worse ways to spend your summer than on a golf course. While the most basic job function of a golf caddie is to carry a golfer's clubs, caddies are increasingly offering advice and coaching to their golfers.
Salary: $11.30/hour (not including tips)

Source: careerbuilder

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