12 jobs requiring short-term on-the-job training

If you're looking to change careers, but you want to avoid going back to school or enduring lengthy preparation, you should consider jobs that offer short-term on-the-job training.

In his recently released book, "Best Jobs for the 21st Century," career information expert Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., shares the best jobs requiring short-term, on-the-job training. These jobs are classified as such because, "It is possible to work in these occupations and achieve an average level of performance within a few days or weeks through on-the-job training."

Shatkin compiled these lists by sorting jobs in several categories from highest to lowest in terms of median annual earnings, growth rate through 2018 and number of annual openings, assigning a number to their relative position on each list. He then combined the job-position numbers on the three lists, putting the job with the best total score at the top, followed by the job with the next-best total score, and so on.
Shatkin notes that the data have limitations, and that not all jobs on this list will be right for everyone. Earnings may vary drastically based on level and years of experience, location and other factors. The list is meant to serve as a helpful guide on jobs that, on average, have higher pay, faster projected growth and more openings than most other jobs in the category.

Here are 12 of the best jobs requiring short-term on-the-job training:
1. Bill and account collectors
Annual earnings: $31,310*
Percent growth: 19.3
Annual openings: 15,690
2. Home health aides
Annual earnings: $20,560
Percent growth: 50
Annual openings: 55,270
3. Personal care aides
Annual earnings: $19,640
Percent growth: 46
Annual openings: 47,780
4. Refuse and recyclable material collectors
Annual earnings: $32,640
Percent growth: 18.6
Annual openings: 7,110
5. Receptionists and information clerks
Annual earnings: $25,240
Percent growth: 15.2
Annual openings: 48,020
6. Office clerks, general
Annual earnings: $26,610
Percent growth: 11.9
Annual openings: 77,090
7. Teachers and instructors (includes all teachers and instructors not listed separately in BLS)
Annual earnings: $29,820
Percent growth: 14.7
Annual openings: 22,570
8. Landscaping and groundskeeping workers
Annual earnings: $23,400
Percent growth: 18
Annual openings: 36,220
9. Interviewers, except eligibility and loan
Annual earnings: $28,820
Percent growth: 15.6
Annual openings: 9,210
10. Health-care support workers
Annual earnings: $30,280
Percent growth: 17.1
Annual openings: 5,670
11. Helpers -- electricians
Annual earnings: $27,220
Percent growth: 24.7
Annual openings: 4,800
12. Tree trimmers and pruners
Annual earnings: $30,450
Percent growth: 26.3
Annual openings: 1,720

Source: careerbuilder

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