9 surprisingly creative jobs

When you think of jobs for "creative" people, positions like actor, designer, author or artist may come to mind. But many jobs can satisfy a creative yearning.

Here are nine jobs you might not have thought about for people who like to be creative:

1. Teacher
Although teachers do have some structure in their classrooms, they also get quite a bit of freedom. Teachers can be original when it comes to their lesson plans and activities for their children, as well as in classroom traditions.
Average salary*: $47,100 to $51,180

2. Landscape architect
Landscape architects use their creativity in designing gardens, public parks and playgrounds, residential areas, college campuses, shopping centers, golf courses and even backyards. They get to design these areas to be not only functional, but beautiful.
Average salary: $58,960

3. Chef
We've all been to restaurants with unexpected items like bacon and avocado ice cream. There are even a few successful TV shows based on chefs competing based on the creative dishes they concoct. As a chef, you'll be able to stir up your creative juices.
Average salary: $38,770

4. Computer applications software engineer
Computer applications software engineers develop and create software programs. In today's digital world, with smartphones, smart tablets and electronic reading devices, they have more creative freedom than ever.
Average salary: $87,900

5. Graphic designer
Graphic design lets you be original in designs for ads, magazine layouts and websites. Be prepared for a little stifled creativity in your work, however, since some organizations have strict brand standards to which you'll need to adhere.
Average salary: $42,400

6. Advertising manager
Folks in this occupation get to put their creativity to use generating advertising campaigns to spark interest their clients' products.
Average salary: $80,220

7. Interior designer
Interior designers satisfy their innovative tendencies by choosing how to make a space beautiful. Their work includes picking paint colors and window coverings, choosing finishes for floors and recommending how to open up a space or make it feel cozy.
Average salary: $44,950

8. Mediator
While the primary role of a mediator involves the seriousness of the law, mediators must be able to find creative solutions to prevent people who would rather sue each other from going to court.
Average salary: $57,273

9. Product manager
Product managers help design packaging and create brands for new products. They also redesign old brands and packaging to catch consumers' attention again.
Average salary: $60,655

Source: careerbuilder

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