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The 10 Highest Paying Work From Home Jobs

You can earn a big paycheck without ever leaving your couch

1. Clinical regulatory affairs director
Salary range: $150,000 - $151,000

General job description: Pharmaceutical companies hire clinical regulatory affairs professionals to fulfill a variety of responsibilities related to clinical trials. Typically, clinical regulatory affairs managers work to plan, prepare, and submit products for market nationally and internationally. This process can be done from a home office, and includes authoring regulatory documents for clinical trial applications, assisting with marketing documents for new markets, and briefing documents, among other things.

Related work-from-home job titles: Regulatory affairs team leader, regulatory affairs consultant, associate director of regulatory affairs

2. Supervisory attorney
Salary range: $117,000 - $152,000

General job description: Just like in-office attorneys, telecommuting attorneys provide legal counsel and representation to a variety of clients depending on their expertise or focus area. They must be active members of the Bar in their state of operation, and when not meeting clients or in court, they work remotely.

Related work-from-home job titles: Attorney, document review attorney

3. Senior medical writer
Salary range: $110,000 - $115,000

General job description: For a variety of healthcare-related companies, including medical publishers and pharmaceutical companies, senior medical writers are in high-demand. Professionals in this field are responsible for reviewing medical information, writing documents, editing other medical writers' submissions, and working with senior management to keep projects on track. A natural fit for remote work, a senior medical writer must be able to work independently, but also as a great team-player, and is required to have a degree in a science or medical discipline.

Related work-from-home job titles: Technical writer, principal medical writer, medical editor, regulatory medical writer

4. Environmental engineer
Salary range: Up to $110,000

General job description: Environmental engineers are typically responsible for designing and assessing pollution reduction and prevention approaches, from equipment to processes, and when they're not in the field conducting research, they can sometimes work from a home office.

Related work-from-home job titles: Environmental engineering technician, natural sciences manager, hydrologist, civil engineer

5. Director of quality improvement
Salary range: $100,000 - $175,000

General job description: As part of the operations and technical teams at a company, remote quality improvement directors are responsible for working to design and develop Best Practices related to systems administration and data architecture. Keeping in mind quality, safety, and reliability, a director of quality improvement works with senior management and must have outstanding leadership skills and knowledge of current trends in quality improvement and operational performance.

Related work-from-home job titles: Quality assurance director, senior quality improvement manager

6. Senior software engineer
Salary range: $100,000 - $160,000

General job description: Senior software engineers are typically responsible for developing, designing, and running software programs, overseeing related projects, managing a team of software engineers, troubleshooting technical issues, and debugging software. They're usually required to have experience with a variety of programming languages.

Related work-from-home job titles: Senior software developer, senior web developer, senior devops developer

7. Director of business development
Salary range: $100,000 - 150,000

General job description: At-home sales directors are responsible for managing and growing large sales territories, and are responsible for revenue growth in their particular category. Sales directors also design and develop programs for lead generation and revenue growth for sales teams. They often report to the VP of sales, and they work closely with internal company stakeholders as well as their clients. When they're not out in the field making sales visits, these professionals work from their home offices.

Related work-from-home job titles: Marketing director, sales director, account executive

8. Research biologist
Salary range: $93,000 - $157,000

General job description: Research biologists are responsible for studying a particular subject, conducting tests, performing research, and determining results and conclusions. For example, a research microbiologist might study virus host interaction and determine disease resistance.

Related work-from-home job titles: Microbiologist, wildlife biologist, research scientist, field scientist

9. Audit manager
Salary range: $90,000 - $110,000

General job description: Working from home, audit managers are responsible for financial and operational audits for companies or clients. The responsibilities of this type of role include leading, planning, and executing internal audits, and documenting all audit-related information. In addition to performing the audits, audit managers work with stakeholders to understand the outcomes and impacts of the audit, ensure future compliance, and evaluate internal systems, policies, and procedures.

Related work-from-home job titles: Financial analyst, fiscal officer, controller, financial services senior associate, senior internal audit associate, financial consultant

10. Major gifts officer
Salary range: Up to $90,000

General job description: Nonprofit organizations hire major gifts officers to cultivate, solicit, and close current and prospective donors for large-sum donations. These remote jobs also require extensive travel, but during non-travel times, remote major gifts officers work from home. In addition to excellent relationship management skills, sales skills, and organizational skills, the ability to work independently while furthering the goals of the organization is critical.

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