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30 Jobs That Pay $30 An Hour

$30 an hour jobs

A well-paying job can be easier to find than you think. In fact, people such as medical technologists, social workers and store managers all earn about $30 per hour. A full-time job that pays around $30 per hour can equal roughly $62,400 per year, which means a comfortable living, and above the national average. Are you eager to earn an above-average wage?

Consider these 30 jobs that pay around $30 per hour and see how your own job stacks up:

1. Anthropologist
  • Hourly wage: $30.81.
  • What it's like: Anthropologists never stop learning about the natural history of the world. The job is challenging yet fun.

2. School psychologist
  • Hourly wage: $33.71.
  • What it's like: Helping children resolve conflicts can be a rewarding career, especially if you're interested in human behavior.

3. Medical technologist
  • Hourly wage: $29.87.
  • What it's like: Working with different disease states, most medical technologists work in hospital laboratories.

4. Financial services representative
  • Hourly wage: $32.35.
  • What it's like: Financial services reps sell various bank services.

5. Technical writer
  • Hourly wage: $33.80.
  • What it's like: Writing anything from dense technical manuals to textbooks calls for a deep expertise in the specific subject matter.

6. Executive assistant
  • Hourly wage: $31.85.
  • What it's like: Providing administrative services to corporate executives can be a high-pressure job.

7. Registered nurse
  • Hourly wage: $34.47.
  • What it's like: Working directly with patients can make nursing a rewarding career path.

8. Branch store manager
  • Hourly wage: $33.14.
  • What it's like: Managing retail stores and working with executives at corporate headquarters can help open other doors in the retail industry.

9. Budget analyst
  • Hourly wage: $34.16.
  • What it's like: Helping departments adhere to their budgets is a perfect role for the math whiz.

10. Account sales representative
  • Hourly wage: $32.17.
  • What it's like: Working to sell products or services, account reps must have stellar people skills.

11. School social worker
  • Hourly wage: $30.89.
  • What it's like: Working with children to iron out behavioral or emotional problems is a key role within a school system.

12. Statistician
  • Hourly wage: $35.28.
  • What it's like: With plenty of number crunching, statisticians help companies make sense of their data.

13. Communications analyst
  • Hourly wage: $34.64.
  • What it's like: Analysts work to communicate the company's corporate image through all types of media.

14. Electrical research engineer
  • Hourly wage: $33.32.
  • What it's like: Working to improve electrical systems, engineers must possess superior technical skills.

15. Network security officer
  • Hourly wage: $30.87.
  • What it's like: People who deal with computer networks to prevent security breaches are frequently in demand.

16. Police detective
  • Hourly wage: $33.30.
  • What it's like: Protecting people and property, police detectives help to solve crimes in cities and towns.

17. Certified public accountant
  • Hourly wage: $34.40.
  • What it's like: People who look at financial data to ensure fair and consistent tax practices are always in demand.

18. Emergency room nurse
  • Hourly wage: $35.02.
  • What it's like: A high-pressure job in the medical profession, working in the ER also has great rewards.

19. Sales supervisor
  • Hourly wage: $33.42.
  • What it's like: Working on the sales floor to help maintain consistency can make for a fun retail career.

20. Aircraft mechanic
  • Hourly wage: $30.33.
  • What it's like: Mechanics work on airplanes to ensure that each one meets safe flying standards and to repair anything in nonworking condition.

21. Quality assurance engineer
  • Hourly wage: $33.51.
  • What it's like: Testing new products and processes to maintain the needed level of quality.

22. Micro computer programmer
  • Hourly wage: $29.76.
  • What it's like: Working to develop software, programmers have the flexibility to work on a project basis.

23. Tax agent
  • Hourly wage: $32.97.
  • What it's like: Working with businesses and individuals to collect taxes.

24. Political adviser
  • Hourly wage: $32.86.
  • What it's like: Understanding how world events affect a company or industry is a job for politics buffs.

25. Animal scientist
  • Hourly wage: $30.66.
  • What it's like: Using biology know-how to study animals can be a dream job.

26. Human resources analyst
  • Hourly wage: $30.37.
  • What it's like: Most analysts are generalists who work in an HR department and search for many different types of positions.

27. Industrial production manager
  • Hourly wage: $31.17.
  • What it's like: Perfecting the production process, industrial production managers possess plenty of technical skills.

28. Grant writer
  • Hourly wage: $30.72.
  • What it's like: Working with nonprofits to raise money by submitting grant proposals.

29. Landscape architect
  • Hourly wage: $34.81.
  • What it's like: Landscape architects help design green outdoor spaces.

30. Fashion designer
  • Hourly wage: $31.78.
  • What it's like: Most use their creative spark to design clothes and accessories for men and women.

Source: AOL

30 jobs that pay $30 an hour

Nobody likes to be average. Not you. Not me. Not even your salary.The national average salary in the United States is $43,460, according to the National Compensation Survey. That works out to be $20.90 per hour. So in order to be above average, you have to earn more than $21 per hour. Why not be way above average and find a job that pays $10 more than the average hourly salary?

We gathered a handful (30) of the many jobs that pay between $30 and $39 per hour, which rake in a solid $62,000 to $82,000 annually. Take a look and see how your salary stacks up:

1. Purchasing agents and buyers, farm products make purchases to get needed farm supplies at the best rates.
Hourly pay: $30.02
Annual salary: $62,450

2. Multimedia artists and animators create special effects, animation or other visual images.
Hourly pay: $30.20
Annual salary: $62,810

3. Loan officers evaluate, authorize or recommend approval of commercial, real estate or credit loans.
Hourly pay: $30.39
Annual salary: $63,210

4. Arbitrators, mediators and conciliators help out with alternative resolutions to settle disputes outside of court. The processes are less formal than a court trial.
Hourly pay: $30.41
Annual salary: $63,250

5. Insurance underwriters review applications for insurance coverage and accept or decline them based on the degree of risk involved.
Hourly pay: $30.45
Annual salary: $63,330

6. Diagnostic medical sonographers perform ultrasounds that physicians order for patients.
Hourly pay: $30.60
Annual salary: $63,640

7. Film and video editors edit motion picture soundtracks, film and video.
Hourly pay: $30.62
Annual salary: $63,680

8. Food scientists and technologists analyze the composition and properties of food.
Hourly pay: $30.95
Annual salary: $64,370

9. Animal scientists study the life cycle and related biological issues of farm animals.
Hourly pay: $31.02
Annual salary: $64,510

10. Writers and authors write material for scripts, magazines, books, websites and other vehicles.
Hourly pay: $31.04
Annual salary: $64,560

11. Urban and regional planners create plans to use land and physical facilities in towns, cities, counties and metropolitan areas.
Hourly pay: $31.10
Annual salary: $64,680

12. Landscape architects plan and design areas for landscaping projects.
Hourly pay: $31.69
Annual salary: $65,910

13. Accountants and auditors give financial advice based on accounting records.
Hourly pay: $32.42
Annual salary: $67,430

14. Market research analysts estimate the business potential for an organization's marketing and promotional efforts based on research they conduct in different markets.
Hourly pay: $32.45
Annual salary: $67,500

15. Dental hygienists clean teeth and examine a patient's mouth, head and neck for signs of oral disease.
Hourly pay: $32.63
Annual salary: $67,860

16. Speech-language pathologists help individuals who have trouble speaking as a result of hearing loss, physical conditions or language barriers.
Hourly pay: $32.86
Annual salary: $68,350

17. Nuclear medicine technologists work with radioactive materials and equipment used in nuclear medicine procedures.
Hourly pay: $32.91
Annual salary: $68,450

18. Budget analysts examine budget estimates and analyze budgeting and accounting reports to ensure controlled spending.
Hourly pay: $33.29
Annual salary: $69,240

19. Occupational therapists develop rehabilitative programs to help disabled persons gain independence.
Hourly pay: $33.98
Annual salary: $70,680

20. Geographers study the earth and its land, features, inhabitants and phenomena.
Hourly pay: $34.33
Annual salary: $71,420

21. Clinical, counseling and school psychologists diagnose and treat mental disorders; learning disabilities; and cognitive, behavioral and emotional problems.
Hourly pay: $34.77
Annual salary: $72,310

22. Fashion designers create clothing and accessories, from shoes to clothes to jewelry and more.
Hourly pay: $35.78
Annual salary: $74,410

23. Operations research analysts study management and operations issues through engineering and other scientific methods.
Hourly pay: $36.23
Annual salary: $75,370

24. Sociologists study human society and social behavior.
Hourly pay: $36.63
Annual salary: $76,190

25. Physical therapists develop rehabilitative programs that improve health of patients.
Hourly pay: $36.64
Annual salary: $76,220

26. Architects design buildings, homes and other structures for various clients.
Hourly pay: $37.93
Annual salary: $78,880

27. Education administrators, all other manage the everyday operations of educational facilities.
Hourly pay: $38.53
Annual salary: $80,140

28. Environmental engineers study environmental problems and create solutions that governments and the general population can put into practice.
Hourly pay: $38.82
Annual salary: $80,750

29. Civil engineers design and oversee the construction of large-scale public works, such as bridges, dams and airports.
Hourly pay: $39.03
Annual salary: $81,180

30. Materials scientists research and study the structures and chemical properties of various natural and manmade materials.
Hourly pay: $39.59
Annual salary: $82,350

Source: careerbuilder

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