Companies hiring: Week of 3/22

​Job seekers, here is our weekly list of 10 companies that are hiring now. Click on the company names to learn more about the opportunities available.
1. AllstateIndustry: Insurance
Sample job titles: Accountant, actuary, attorney, auto claims adjuster, claims service specialist, customer service specialist, data scientist, database administrator, digital media consultant, engineer, field sales leader, financial analyst, Hadoop administrator, human resources consultant, marketing manager, media relations specialist, network engineer, product designer, product operations consultant, property claims adjuster, quantitative analyst, talent acquisition sourcer, technical product manager, test lead, trainer, Web developer, underwriting associate, Unix/Linux engineer, user experience (UX) designer, user interface engineer
Location: Nationwide

2. BrightView
Industry: Landscape maintenance and architecture
Sample job titles: Account manager, branch manager, operations manager, crew leader
Location: Nationwide

3. Client Services
Industry: Customer relationship management
Sample job titles: Customer service representative, client relationship manager
Location: Lenexa, Kan.; St. Louis, Mo.

4. The CSI CompaniesIndustry: Professional, IT, health care, direct hire (staffing/recruiting)
Sample job titles: Customer service, payroll processor, pharmacy technician
Location: Nationwide

5. Dakota Growers Pasta CompanyIndustry: Agriculture, food processing
Sample job titles: Forklift operator, machine operator, palletizer, mill operator, warehouse worker
Location: Carrington, N.D.; New Hope, Minn.

6. HCA HealthcareIndustry: Health care
Sample job titles: Registered nurse
Location: Nationwide

7. MGM Resorts InternationalIndustry: Hospitality/gaming
Sample job titles: Server, cook, security, lifeguard, sales associate, director
Location: Las Vegas; Detroit; Biloxi and Tunica, Miss.; Oxon Hill, Md.

8. Shoe ShowIndustry: Retail
Sample job titles: Retail store manager, keyholder, retail sales associate
Location: Nationwide

9. Tyco InternationalIndustry: Fire and security solutions
Sample job titles: Installation technician, alarm technician, quality technician, mechanical engineer, systems applications manager, national account manager, account executive
Location: New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas, Illinois, California, Alabama, Virginia, Indiana, Florida, Oklahoma

10. United Hospital SystemIndustry: Hospital system
Sample job titles: Registered nurse, physical therapist, respiratory therapist, CT technician, certified nursing assistant, physician, surgical technician, radiology technician
Location: Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie, Wis.

The 8 best jobs in America share this skill

They all earn an average of $100,000+/year because they all require a certain skill.
Glassdoor recently came out with a list of the 25 Best Jobs in America for 2017.
Eleven of the jobs make an average of over $100K/year. Out of those eleven, eight of them all have the word "manager" in their title. But, it's not the "traditional" manager quality we think of.
Solution Provider = More Money
What I notice about these eight particular $100K jobs is the management aspect requires them to be in charge of creating and delivering a solution. It's not about managing staff, it's about delivering specific results to the bottom line. Take a look:

Tax Manager
Engagement Manager
Product Manager
Analytics Manager
Software Development Manager
Product Development Manager
Finance Manager
Strategy Manager
All the jobs above directly save or make a company money. The person doing the job has the ability to know if they are adding value to the organization. Which means, when they do their job well, they have the ability to demand more in return (i.e. justify raises, bonuses, flex schedule, etc.)
Want A Better Job? Create More Quantifiable Value
For those of you looking for a better job, the lesson is this: you're a business-of-one selling your services to an employer. If you want to earn more, you must validate and provide clear evidence to support how you will save or make the company enough money to justify employing you at your desired pay level. It's not up to them, it's up to you. This is particularly true when interviewing for a job. If you don't know how to present your abilities properly, you won't get the job offer.
In today's competitive job market, you not only need to provide solutions for employers, you need to effectively market your expertise and showcase the value of those solutions too. Every business, especially a business-of-one, needs a good marketing strategy to stay in business!

Rea more .... The 8 best jobs in America share this skill

The 20 best places to live in America if you want to be happy at work

A lot of factors contribute to happiness at work: flexible hours, a competitive salary, a meaningful purpose. But where you live can also play a role in how likely you are to be satisfied at work.
Job search website Indeed just released their job happiness index for 2016, which included a ranking of the happiest metro areas in the US. The report ranked the 50 most populous cities in the country by average job satisfaction rating on a scale of one to five, culled from Indeed's database of more than 10 million employee reviews.
California came on out top, encompassing six of the top-20 cities. Los Angeles boasts the happiest employees in the country, followed by Miami and San Diego.
Read on to see the rest of the top-20 cities, with population and income data from the US Census Bureau.

20. Chicago, Illinois

Average job satisfaction rating: 3.897
Population: 2,722,389
Median household income: $47,831

19. New York, New York

Shutterstock Average job satisfaction rating: 3.899
Population: 8,491,079
Median household income: $52,737

18. Birmingham, Alabama

Shutterstock/Sean Pavone Average job satisfaction rating: 3.915
Population: 212,247
Median household income: $31,217

17. Hartford, Connecticut

Average job satisfaction rating: 3.919
Population: 124,705
Median household income: $29,313

16. Orlando, Florida

Average job satisfaction rating: 3.920
Population: 262,372
Median household income: $41,901

15. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Average job satisfaction rating: 3.927
Population: 407,207
Median household income: $50,767

14. Seattle, Washington

Shutterstock Average job satisfaction rating: 3.939
Population: 668,342
Median household income: $67,365

13. Detroit, Michigan

Average job satisfaction rating: 3.941
Population: 680,250
Median household income: $26,095

12. Atlanta, Georgia

Shutterstock Average job satisfaction rating: 3.947
Population: 456,002
Median household income: $46,439

11. Sacramento, California

Shutterstock Average job satisfaction rating: 3.952
Population: 485,199
Median household income: $50,013

10. San Jose, California

Average job satisfaction rating: 3.965
Population: 1,015,785
Median household income: $83,787

9. Riverside, California

Shutterstock Average job satisfaction rating: 3.977
Population: 319,504
Median household income: $56,089

8. Boston, Massachusetts

Average job satisfaction rating: 3.983
Population: 655,884
Median household income: $54,485

7. Washington, DC

Shutterstock Average job satisfaction rating: 3.992
Population: 658,893
Median household income: $69,235

6. New Orleans, Louisiana

Shutterstock Average job satisfaction rating: 3.993
Population: 384,320
Median household income: $36,964

5. San Francisco, California

Shutterstock Average job satisfaction rating: 3.997
Population: 852,469
Median household income: $78,378

4. Providence, Rhode Island

Richard Cavalleri/Shutterstock Average job satisfaction rating: 4.005
Population: 179,154
Median household income: $37,514

3. San Diego, California

Shutterstock Average job satisfaction rating: 4.016
Population: 1,381,069
Median household income: $65,753

2. Miami, Florida

Average job satisfaction rating: 4.026
Population: 430,332
Median household income: $30,858

1. Los Angeles, California

Shutterstock Average job satisfaction rating: 4.043
Population: 3,928,864
Median household income: $49,682

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